The 9 best wine bars and wine restaurants in Langhe, Piedmont 2024

Ulrika Ferlin is Star Wine List's ambassador in Piedmont in northern Italy. In this guide, she has selected her favourite wine bars and wine restaurants in the region of Langhe in Piedmont. Here are the gems you don't want to miss!

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  1. Phone: +39 0173 290787

    Address: Via Cuneo, 8/a, Alba

    This restaurant has recently become one of my favourite spots in Alba. The food is well-cooked and the wine cellar is, let’s say at least, spectacular! Owned and managed by two friends from the Campania region where they let the influences from southern Italy meet with the northern. A big focus is on fish and shellfish, and in season you can also get fresh truffle on your pasta. Best of two worlds if you ask me. The wine program is big, and Francesco who is part owner and takes care of the wine selection, gladly shares his passion and knowledge. Here I have had the chance to taste some Champa...

  2. Phone: +39 0173 616112

    Address: Via Umberto I°, 5, Priocca

    Oh my, what a cellar! This Michelin one-star restaurant lies in the heart of the little village of Priocca in Roero. The historic family restaurant has been run by the Cordero family since 1956. Elide is in the kitchen, while her husband Enrico and their son Giampiero are in the dining room. The wine program is impressive, the wine list does not fit all the wines that they have in their cellar as the selection has been going on for generations. The focus is on Italian and French wines with a classic approach. Giampiero is a well-known sommelier in Italy and has for sure a story or two to tell...

  3. Phone: +39 0173 366167

    Address: Piazza Risorgimento, 4, Alba

    This Michelin three-star restaurant is located in central Alba. The entrance is slightly hidden in an alley to the main square in Alba, right next to the magnificent cathedral. Behind the purple doors lies a goldmine for food and wine lovers. And for those who enjoy art, dining here is something extra, as the wall and roof are covered by art from Francesco Clemente. The restaurant is owned by the star chef Enrico Crippa and the Barolo producer Ceretto. The restaurant is clearly influenced by both parts; Enrico offers a unique experience with attention to high-quality and local ingredients. Th...

  4. Phone: +39 0173 638333

    Address: Piazza Leopoldo Baracco, 7, Treiso

    La Ciau del Tornavento is perfect for special occasions like birthdays or if you want to treat yourself to a fancy truffle dinner in the fall. It's hard to say what impresses you more, the panoramic view of rolling hills that greets you in the dining room, or the renovated wine cellar below it. This Michelin one-star restaurant is in the village of Treiso, one of the villages in the Barbaresco region, which always invites you for a little stroll. The local celebrity chef Maurillio and his wine-producing partner Naida have offered a food and wine experience here for many years. With thousands...

  5. Phone: +39 0173 613203

    Address: Via Roma, 6, Serralunga d'Alba

    A favourite among wine producers and locals! You could describe it as a little hideaway below the castle in the village of Serralunga d'Alba in the Barolo region. Small and cozy atmosphere with wine bottles, prosciutto legs and a handwritten menu that meets you when you enter. The charming couple Alessio and Stefania creates a friendly atmosphere. I suggest starting the meal by ordering Alessio's speciality, Prosciutto crudo, cut by hand. The wine selection is large and the big focus is on classics like Barolo, Barbaresco, Champagne and Burgundy. You will, of course, also find a bottle of Do...

  6. Phone: +39 0173 78120

    Address: Località San Anna, 87, Monforte D'alba

    The family-owned and traditional restaurant La Posta is located in a former farmhouse from the 19th century in the hills of Monforte d’Alba. A restaurant with a long history that has been handed down for generations. The interior is classic and elegant with antique wooden furniture and tables with white tablecloths in the dining room. The menu is traditional Piedmontese and a perfect spot for those experiencing the region for the first time. The wine list is a serious thing with hundreds of pages of wines from the area, Italy and Europe. Impressive and fun to immerse in. Enjoy a nice bottle...

  7. Phone: +39 366 455 6744

    Address: Via Alba, 5, Barolo

    This was one of the first places I fell in love with during my first years living in Langhe. In the centre of the village of Barolo, you find this very friendly and cute location, that according to me is everything you want a wine bar to be: bottles everywhere, artisanal charcuteries and cheese from local farmers. When it comes to the wine selection it is broad and impressive! Great Champagnes, hard-to-get Barolos and juicy Barberas. They have it all! Definitely a great place for an aperitivo! Stefano gladly sets up an educational tasting for you if you want to go all in and learn about the n...

  8. Phone: +39 0173 62909

    Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 9, Castiglione Falletto

    DJ and sommelier, these are the titles of Pony Montana who runs maybe one the most idyllic lunch spots in the Barolo area together with his mother Renza. Entering the picturesque town of Castiglione Falletto, you find the very traditional and quite small restaurant with a breathtaking terrace overlooking the landscape of the Barolo region. Here the menu is simple and traditional and the focus is on both food and wine from Piedmont and Langhe. An antipasti made by mama Renza with a glass of Dolcetto is always a winner! Or why not treat yourself with a taste from their "Coravin glass menu" whe...

  9. Phone: +39 0173 635121

    Address: Piazza del Municipio, 30, Barbaresco

    After a hike through the vineyards from Alba to Barbaresco, this is my preferred stop to recharge. In the heart of Barbaresco you find this little wine bar owned by Koki Sato, originally from Japan but today I would say he is more Piedmontese than anything else. Ask him anything about Langhe wines and he knows it! He gladly guides you through the wine list which has something for everyone. Of course, being in Barbaresco, the big focus is on the many excellent Barbaresco producers. A great place for an easy lunch, dinner or aperitivo. A plus for us locals is that you occasionally can find som...