Cave de K

Wine Bar

Kyoto, Japan

About Cave de K

Cave de K is a wine and Champagne bar located in KIYAMACHI-NIJYO, a quiet area right by the Kamo River. Here, you can enjoy a various selection of wine and Champagne by the glass. Their speciality is to serve Champagne by magnum bottle (they even serve Krug by the glass, and of course on magnum). Apart from that, they serve a unique sweets menu, with dishes creamy-textured pancake which goes well with the Champagne.

They are open from 11:00-24:00, so this is a place where you can enjoy anything from lunch, aperitif, or some whisky and cocktails after the dinner. Cave de K is owned by the very famous Japanese bartender Minoru NISHIDA (who also owns Bar K6, one of the most famous bars in Kyoto), and you can enjoy some rare whiskey here as well.

Wine Tasting at Cave de K

Based on request (¥6,000~¥20,000-)


Corkage: ¥4,000-(for 1~2persons)

Great for

  • Champagne

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