Dixie Martínez

Panama City Ambassador


Dixie Martínez is a Panamanian sommelier, currently based in Panama. After working for multinational companies in the tech industry in managing positions for +10 years, she still wanted to follow her passion related to gastronomy. Her journey to wine, started in the early 2010´s when writing restaurants reviews as a hobby. Then by 2017, she moved to Chile for 3 years, where she started learning about wines and culinary industry management.

Her first step in wine education was obtaining WSET 2 level certification, and then moved forward to study at the Chilean School of Sommeliers, where she graduated as Professional Sommelier. While in Chile, she also studied Culinary Industry Entrepreneurship Management. In 2019, she participated in the Best Young Sommelier of Chile contest in 2019, where she claimed second place. Dixie has worked as sommelier in different restaurants while in Chile. Recently she moved back to Panama, where she has been working as restaurant manager and sommelier, as well as independent consultant creating wine related events locally.

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