The 9 best wine bars and wine restaurants in Panama city 2024

Having a business lunch, a family dinner, or just going out for a couple of glasses of wine with some friends? In this guide, Star Wine List's ambassador Dixie Martínez leads the way to the best wine bars and wine restaurants in Panama City.

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  1. Phone: +507 6031-3071

    Address: Avenida Paseo del Mar, Panamá

    This upscale casual restaurant serves Spanish food. It is located in Costa del Este, one of Panama's Business Districts where many multinational corporations have established offices. The restaurant is always great for business lunch, after-office drinks and dinner. Atope's food options are versatile for all tastes, going from "tapas", meats to seafood, rice dishes and more. Wine is an essential part of their offering, so in their selection, you will find a lot of exciting producers from both the new and the old world. Many of the labels in this restaurant you cannot find in local retail stor...

  2. Phone: +507 6112-4345

    Address: Sortis Hotel, Spa & Casino, calle 56 este y 57, Panama, Panamá

    This restaurant is a great place to go for business meals and special occasions. It offers a very nice and elegant atmosphere indoors, and it also has an outdoor terrace. Calliope is specialized in premium steakhouse cuts (which makes it perfect for meat and wine lovers!), and they also serve international fusion cuisine. What I like about this place is that, besides the wines by bottle or glass, they have Coravin, which allows you to taste premium wines as well. On top of that, they have a wide wine selection by the bottle from the old world and the new world, with more than 80+ references....

  3. Phone: +507 6352-3342

    Address: Calle 9 y, Calle Chiriqui Boquete, Panama City

    Corcho means “Cork” in Spanish, which is a great name for this wine bar. Corcho is located in the heart of Casco Antiguo, one of Panama City´s most famous tourist areas, where you can find many restaurants. This one is really focused on the wine and food for wine. They serve mainly Mediterranean, French, Italian and Spanish dishes to accompany the wine. The place has a cosy atmosphere and is great for going with friends to enjoy some wine and good food. Their by-the-glass selection holds over 40 references from many regions of the world – from Austria to Mexican and even some Peruvian wines…...

  4. Phone: +(507) 6671 5450

    Address: Av Israel , Plaza Sunsei Strip , PB, Local 011 Al lado de las capillas

    Cuvee is a wine bar with an easy-going atmosphere where you can go and enjoy wines by the glass or bottle with friends and colleagues after work. As for the food, they serve smaller dishes such as “tapas”, cheese, charcuterie and gourmet snacks to go with the wines. At Cuvee, you will find a wide selection of wines from many parts of the world, selected by their owners, both sommeliers. By the glass, they offer high-quality options thanks to Coravin. The BTG selection is dynamic, and you will always find different options when you come here. They frequently hold wine tastings and wine-rela...

  5. Phone: +507 387-0529

    Address: Rooftop Av Eloy Alfaro y, Calle 11 Este

    Lazotea is located on a rooftop in Casco Viejo. It offers high-end Latin-American cuisine inspired by Chef Jorge Rausch. The restaurant has two different areas. One is the open rooftop where you, during the day, can have a relaxed view of the city and, at night, has a more intense and dynamic atmosphere with live musicians and DJs. The other section is indoors, where you have a calm ambience and where you might run into the saxophonist that plays at night. The restaurant not just offers a very cool variety of cocktails but also a wide selection of wines for wine lovers. The food menu is des...

  6. Phone: +507 226-6966

    Address: Calle 74 Este 74, Panamá

    Los Años Locos is an Argentinian spirit restaurant for which they naturally become a great option for steak and nice meat cuts. Their menu is still quite extensive and offer a wide variety of food including seafood, pastas, vegetarian options and so on. THe Los Años Locos located in San Francisco, is a quite versatile restaurant. The indoors main room is excellent for business meetings and at the same time, it has an open terrace which is very appropriate for going with friends and family gatherings. The owners pay a lot of attention to the wines and they have an impressive wine cellar that...

  7. Phone: +(507) 396-2645

    Address: Calle 68 Este 103, Panamá

    Patagonia Grill is an Argentinian restaurant located in the San Francisco food district, and it specialises in Argentinian meat cuts. The owners are wine lovers, so wine is essential to this restaurant's personality. Wine events are also held in their wine cellar room. Talking about the wines: yes, of course, they have Argentinian wines, but they also offer interesting Portuguese, Spanish and Chilean wines that express different and new wine perspectives to the guests. And – I must also mention that their house bread is the most delicious in town! You can not leave without trying it.

  8. Phone: +507 223-7734

    Address: Calle 57 y Avenida 1 sur, Edif. de las Américas, planta baja

    This restaurant serves Italian food and comes with a family tradition filled with a passion for wine and food. The owner, Chef Ciniglio, has Italian origins and is a wine lover. The restaurant offers more than 60 different labels of wine, where a big part of it is from Italy. A cool thing about this place is that they offer “quartinos”, which is 1/3 serving of the bottle. A great option for couples or smaller groups that want to try a couple of different wines without having to drink a whole bottle. Their food menu has wine pairing suggestions, making it easier for guests to know which wine t...

  9. Phone: +507 387-4455

    Address: Plaza Downtown, El Cangrejo, Vía Veneto, Panamá

    The Wine n Brew Bar is a cosy place to relax and enjoy lots of wine, local artisanal beer, and some tasty food. They are open from 16:30 until almost midnight, Wednesday to Friday, making it a great place to have afternoon snacks, after-work drinks or dinner with friends. The food menu offers a wide variety of food that can accompany the wines perfectly. It is based on meats, plates of pasta, cheeses, charcuterie, burgers, and wings. They also serve Italian food from their sister restaurant Pomodoro Ristorante, just next door. Now, talking about the wines, to mention a few of their offeri...