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Fine dining can be a hotly debatable concept - one diner values ostentation, another precision, and another innovation, each arguing which restaurant is “better”. In contrast to fussier or more luxurious locations, Sepia sits comfortably in my esteem as simply “impressive.” Sepia is a plush, gorgeous location tucked into downtown’s “Printers’ Row” (hence the print-themed name and decor) that has held an esteemed spot among Chicago fine dining for fifteen years. The cuisine is clean, modern, and excellently composed - with some of my favorite desserts in the city - and the service is warmly professional.

The wine list is a beautiful piece of work: a generous fifty pages, but possibly one of the best curated lists in the city, showcasing a wide range of delights from around the world. It can be a challenging task to design a program with “a little bit of everything” approach without feeling disconnected, but Sepia handles this in spades. Add in a solid cocktail program and rich collection of spirits, and Sepia is sure to impress any lover of good food and drink.

Sepia awards

  • 1 Michelin Star 1 Michelin Star

Wine team

  • AR
    Alex Ring

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