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Where the barbed wire-protected inner Berlin wall used to be, today vines stand sentinel on the terrace. Where in the past the Stasi interrogated East German defectors, you can now clink glasses at the Mauerwinzer with wines from the east and west―in Prenzlauer Berg, a few metres away from Mauerpark. It was the vision, which became reality, of journalist Peter Brock and architect Roland Wolff, who have established a space where their shared passion for wine can flourish.

Housed at a historic site adjacent to the former Berlin Wall, Mauerwinzer wine shop and bar ranks among the best new businesses in Berlin´s wine scene. Here the unification of the two Germanys is also celebrated in the product range. There are only domestic wines; some 200 from all 13 wine regions. Aromatic Traminer from Sachsen and great Frühburgunder (Pinot Précoce) from Saale-Unstrut are, of course, included. The owner´s cousin has a wine estate there and here in the Mauerwinzer, even their top wines are affordable.

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