14 top wine restaurants in Zürich 2024

Hungry and looking for some tasty food to with your wine? Check out this guide to the best wine restaurants in Zürich, all selected by local sommelier Lisa Bader.

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  1. Phone: +41 044 381 46 46

    Address: Freiestrasse 213, Zürich

    This Italian restaurant just above Kreuzplatz in Zurich has managed to cheer its guests up with classic and delicious food for decades. Those who are looking for pizza are not at the right place, but those who want to get their belly happy with some classic pasta and meat dishes at a rustic and cosy place are in the right spot. As you can expect at an Italian restaurant, the wine list offers an ample selection of Italian wines, both big brands and smaller producers, but also a great selection of wines from other parts of the world; especially from the US.

  2. Phone: +41 44 262 41 30

    Address: Rindermarkt 24, Zürich

    Best Short List of the Year Switzerland 2021

    With a restaurant focusing on local products that are organically grown, the project of the Creative Director Nenad Mlinarevic aims to be the meeting point of its neighbourhood in Zürich. The style of the restaurant is unique with its farmhouse interior, wooden walls, tables and benches, rustic ceiling lights, and very down-to-earth design. The head chef Thomas Brandner and the host Francie Witter allow the guests to feel like being home, enjoying a relaxed lunch or dinner.

  3. Phone: +41 44 221 11 77

    Address: Nietengasse 1, Zürich

    Best Short List of the Year Switzerland 2021

    The restaurant is linked to a bar with the same name, both focusing on presenting a special selection of wine and food from top producers, rather than on too much mainstream. The appearance of both is rather puristic, reflecting the ideals of chef Marius Frehner and his quality approach on cooking. Not too much ”chi chi”, but just a solid presentation of a great four-course dinner menu. The bar is also always good for a quick stop with some bar snacks, oysters and a nice glass of champagne.

  4. Phone: +41 44 266 10 10

    Address: Marktgasse 17, Zürich

    Andreas Caminada is probably one of the most well-known chefs of the last decade. With his project IGNIV, meaning “nest”, he has already established four flourishing restaurants, where the last one opened in Bangkok in 2020. Daniel Zeindlhofer and Ines Triebenbacher are the faces of the sharing-concept restaurant in Zurich. Daniel, who became a sous-chef at the legendary Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau in 2009, and Ines, who has been working at the Vista in Sagogn, are creating a classy and homely atmosphere that invites the guest to enjoy a creative and inspiring cuisine.

  5. Phone: +41 43 399 01 01

    Address: Werdmühleplatz 3, Zürich

    Quite puristic design with a nice outside area just behind the shopping mile “Bahnhofstrasse” in Zürich. Here you can find some lighter snacks such as different flatbreads, as well as a nice entrecôte for dinner. The restaurant is also always a great spot for some breakfast. On the weekends, the brunch offering is perfect for a relaxed morning with friends or the family.

  6. Phone: +41 044 599 95 70

    Address: Pfalzgasse 4, Zürich

    Sebastian Roesch, who established his name in Zurich at Restaurant Mesa, took over one of the very well-known places in Zurich, that has had a rather traditional reputation in the Zurich gastronomy scene. The native-born Bavarian chef created a place, where people can experience what he calls his "home cuisine" – Bavarian classics, refined and brought to a chic level. Alexander Schmidt leads the service and the wine program of the light and modern restaurant. The former sommelier from Gustav in Zurich has a big passion for Champagne and German Riesling, which are the main focuses on the wine...

  7. Phone: +41 44 462 01 01

    Address: Hopfenstrasse 2, Zürich

    Grand Prix Switzerland, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    The restaurant, where Fabian Spiquel has been awarded one Michelin star and 14 Gault Millau points quite fast after the opening, presents a creative cuisine with surprising combinations. With a light interior in a style that reminds you of a boathouse, the guests can enjoy a modestly priced three or four-course lunch menu and up to six courses for dinner. Some entertaining details, such as a Bloody Mary that is brought to the table in its different components and is mixed upon one's taste, apply a further memorable touch to the restaurant experience.

  8. Phone: +41 044 289 80 80

    Address: Brandschenkestrasse 130, Zürich

    California Wine List of the Year DACH, presented by Louis M. Martini 2024

    The name of this restaurant tells you what it is all about here – meat and an ample selection of Californian reds. Probably the biggest selection of Californian wines, with a focus on the prestigious Napa Valley, in Zurich or even Switzerland. The meat quality is outstanding, and the restaurant presents a perfect spot for an evening with friends, sharing some plates and bottles.

  9. Phone: +41 43 321 75 75

    Address: Weinbergstrasse 75, Zürich

    Mesa is a well-known institution in the Zürich gastronomy scene. In 2018, the chef de cuisine, Sebastian Rösch, got his first Michelin star, clearly showing that after all the changes the restaurant and concept went through, he is the right person for the job. With a mix of a modern and cozy interior, the restaurant has a warm atmosphere where the guests can enjoy dishes focused on seasonality and locally sourced products.

  10. Phone: +41 43 333 04 53

    Address: Grubenstrasse 27, Zürich

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Switzerland, presented by Austrian wine 2021

    An open kitchen with a big grill station nestled in this urban style restaurant that reminds you of a former factory is probably the first thing the guest notices when walking in Smith & the Luma. As the name reveals, you can enjoy some nice pieces of Luma meat besides some other high-quality cuts that will make every meat lover smile. With the wine shop connected to the restaurant, the guest is invited to walk around the shop with an aperitif, to look at the range and select a bottle of wine from the shelves.

  11. Phone: +41 044 210 30 30

    Address: Freyastrasse 3, Zürich

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year DACH 2024

    When entering Silex, the guest enters a restaurant that coveys a very welcoming cosiness which immediately makes you feel at home. It is easily approachable as it is located in the heart of Zurich Wiedikon. Here, Julia von Meiss and her team around the two chefs George Tomlin and Jean-Denis Roger, have created a trendy place with a focus on wine and food quality. The wine list is a very careful selection of products both from Switzerland as well as from around the world. The list is anything but mainstream but has a little bit of both: conventional and rather unconventional wines. However, Ju...

  12. Phone: +41 44 456 62 59

    Address: Kurhausstrasse 65, Zürich

    By the Glass List of the Year Switzerland 2021

    An elegant style and lots of finesse in the visual appearance are two of the main traits of the cuisine of Heiko Nieder, awarded with two Michelin stars and 19 points by Gault Millau. A very fair offer for lunch, with Nieder’s amuse-bouche menu in five courses, presents a journey through the different dishes available in the evening in small portions. The tasting menus with six or ten courses in the evening always compose some classic elements combined with a more modern style that you can also enjoy in a vegetarian version.

  13. Phone: +41 43 243 77 87

    Address: Froschaugasse 26, Zürich

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Switzerland, presented by Austrian wine 2021

    This restaurant appeals to the type of guest that prefers a cosy rather than a modern interior. Walking into the restaurant, you will feel like you're entering a parlour with small tables and a homely atmosphere. You have the choice between a weekly changing five or seven-course menu; à la carte is not available here. The cuisine has a French touch, with seasonal and locally sourced products.

  14. Phone: +41 044 224 25 26

    Address: Rennweg 7, Zürich

    At Widder Restaurant, the dream team of Stefan Heilemann and Stefano Petta take their guests on a journey with incredibly tasty food that always obtain a smart twist towards Asian aromas. They combine it with a wine list that has a good balance between the big names and some smaller producers. Even though the restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points, the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming rather than stiff. Make sure you have a look at the Pinot Noirs from Switzerland on this wine list when you have the time to dine at Widder.