Stockholm Östermalm’s 24 great wine bars & restaurants 2022

Östermalm in Stockholm includes club-central Stureplan. But it is also home to a number of brasseries, wine bars and Michelin star restaurants with top wine lists. Here are our favourite wine bars and wine restaurants with great and interesting wine lists, in no order of preference.

  1. Phone: +46 8 20 05 90

    Address: Sköldungagatan 2, Stockholm

    International Best Short List of the Year 2021

    Ett Hem is the exclusive hotel with a homely feel that also houses a fine dining restaurant. During 2022 the hotel has expanded to the neighbouring building. This has given more space to the restaurant and there are several separate rooms for dinners and tastings. The wine list is curated at the highest level with Burgundy, Jura, Italy, USA and many other gems. Please note that you cannot drop in to the restaurant, you have to make a reservation in advance.

  2. Phone: +46 8 411 55 35

    Address: Rådmansgatan 16, Stockholm

    Adam/Albin is one of Stockholm’s hottest foodie-addresses. To go with the top notch-food and the great service, the wine list gives good Burgundy choices from village to Grand Cru along with a selection of wines from Bordeaux, California, Italy, Germany, Spain and Champagne.

  3. Phone: +46 8 121 321 60

    Address: Sturegatan 15a, Stockholm

    What can we say? The food is amazing, which is a given with chef Stefan Ekengren. Great ambiance, service and with a concise and modern wine list. Sweden, Kazakhstan and USA mingle with producers from more classical wine regions, but not necessarily made in classical styles. Lots of good things to choose from, at decent price points.

  4. Phone: +46 8 611 94 10

    Address: Runebergsgatan 1, Stockholm

    Is it possible that German wines and food is becoming a thing in Stockholm? New addition Sekt serves a tasty modern south-German cuisine in a somewhat industrial modern bistro Berlin feeling in central Stockholm. No a la carte, two set menus. Drop in guests can order from a simpler bar menu.

  5. Phone: +46 8 21 61 69

    Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 29, Stockholm

    Vassa Eggen is a classic large scale Steakhouse a stone’s throw from Stureplan in central Stockholm. The ambiance is lively with a big bar and a great location. Besides the steakhouse fare, the restaurant often serves traditional Swedish cuisine for lunch.

  6. Phone: +46735193343

    Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 26, Stockholm

    New Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Vintec 2020

    The Sparrow is (despite the Anglo name) a French wine bar and restaurant attached to the Stockholm hotel with the same name. The venue is owned by Grand Hotel and its master chef Mathias Dahlgren has been involved in the cuisine.

  7. Phone: +46 8 440 57 30

    Address: Stureplan 2, Stockholm

    California Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by California Wines 2022

    Sturehof, founded in 1897, is one of Stockholm’s most classical brasseries and it has become an institution, serving fish and seafood 365 days per year to a mixed crowd in the heart of Stockholm. The wine list is classical with a special love for Burgundy.

  8. Phone: +46 8 519 421 53

    Address: Humlegårdsgatan 14, Stockholm

    Hillenberg mixes Scandinavian and Southern European influences in a large but cosy setting close to Stureplan in central Stockholm.

  9. Phone: +46 8 519 422 77

    Address: Brahegatan 4, Stockholm

    Special Jury Prize Sweden 2022

    Tyge & Sessil is a busy wine café or wine bar near Stureplan in central Stockholm but with a more casual manner than many of the other local hangouts in this rather posh part of town. Delicious small dishes are delivered by the little kitchen. Tyge & Sessil is one of the foremost natural wine places in Stockholm.

  10. Phone: +46 8-684 292 82

    Address: Nybrogatan 48, Stockholm

    DoMa started as a little restaurant in the home of the owners, but it is now found on Nybrogatan in the Östermalm neighbourhood. You’ll find a smaller space on the ground floor, a large bar downstairs, a separate dining room seating 8-12 and an outdoor terrace in summer. And catering, cakes and a menu for children! The menu is shall we say modern Swedish, diverse and the restaurant sources some produce from its own gardens at Ingarö. And it is very tasty. On the wineside we find many favorites from Champagne, Loire and Burgundy, but Austria, Italy and other destinations are present too.

  11. Phone: +46 8 15 01 15

    Address: Kommendörsgatan 23, Stockholm

    Jim & Jacob’s girlfriend Copine has moved in at Kommendörsgatan in the Östermalm neighbourhood. It is an upscale dining room, kitchen bar and a separate dining room that seats up to 14. The menu focuses on France (as you would have guessed by the name) but the rest of the Mediterranean is also visited. It is a beautiful space and the experienced waiting staff makes you feel at home. The wine list is a few pages long, has a good selection by the glass and lists both classical and natural wines. France and Italy are up front but the USA and South Africa give extra choice for the curious wine l...

  12. Phone: +46 70 741 17 42

    Address: Kommendörsgatan 16, Stockholm

    Petri is the latest venture by Swedish top chef Petter Nilsson, who moved here from Spritmuseum and took over the space from Volt. Petri is small, cozy, stylish and you get amazing food in tasting menus both for lunch and dinner. The wine list has the coolest names from Europe mixed up with some classics. Service is excellent too.

  13. Phone: +46 8 663 33 55

    Address: Nybrogatan 42, Stockholm

    Original Wine List of the Year Sweden 2019

    Spanjorskan (The Spanish lady) has opened with warm colours and tasty Spanish food at Östermalm. The wine list is packed with Spanish wines, for which we are grateful. The wine list boasts a good selection of Sherries, several of them by the glass. But also wines from a large number of other Spanish wine regions, such as Aragon, Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Galicia, Bierzo and the islands of Majorca and the Canary islands.

  14. Phone: +46 8 88 16 58

    Address: Nybrogatan 19, Stockholm

    The name might take you to New York and you will indeed find a Reuben sandwich on the menu, next to snacks and dishes with a more Swedish and European heritage. The team behind Schmaltz also runs Babette and Café Nizza, which is a guarantee for a laid back and professional service.

  15. Phone: +46 8-20 85 81

    Address: Nybrogatan 15, Stockholm

    Brasserie Astoria in central Stockholm is the latest Frantzén group address and it is an impressive opening. A venue to behold, and the same goes for the crowd. The cuisine is respectful of the classics and the service is at the level you would expect for a top venue like this. Sommelier Kim Pettersson (previously at Djuret and Sturehof) has built a solid wine book from the start, including an impressive number of back vintages and a few natural producers as well. He will need to keep up the smart buying, considering the flow of great wine during Astoria’s opening. There is also a wine bar...

  16. Phone: +46 8- 22 135 50

    Address: Östermalmstorg 25, Stockholm

    Best Medium-Sized List of the Year Sweden 2022

    The chefs from Aloë have created the kitchen and menu for the new luxury hotel Villa Dagmar in central Stockholm. (With Franzén’s new Astoria just down the street this is the new hotspot downtown). The DNA from Aloë is visible in the menu and the delicious and sometimes quite spicy dishes are served in beautiful dining rooms and the orangerie. Just next door you have the Östermalm saluhall. Aloë’s young but experienced sommelier Rasmus has created the wine list with the ambition to always present plenty of wines ready to drink. If you, like me, think that Aloë is one of the world’s best restau...

  17. Phone: +46 8 545 035 60

    Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 4, Stockholm

    The restaurant has been named Riche since 1893 and carries the Swedish gastronomic legacy from master chef Tore Wretman. The cuisine is classically Swedish and the wine list boasts over 900 listings with the majority coming from classic French districts. The US, Italy and Germany are also represented.

  18. Phone: +46 8 545 035 65

    Address: Nybrogatan 3, Stockholm

    Teatergrillen opened in 1945 and is the sister restaurant of Riche, they also share the wine list. The dining room is one of the most beautiful in Stockholm and the classical cuisine and service are impeccable. Chances are you might notice one or two Swedish celebrities at any given night. The wine list boasts one of Stockholm’s heaviest Burgundy selections but with 900 listings, there is plenty of choice.

  19. Phone: +46 8 527 757 90

    Address: Ingmar Bergmans gata 2, Stockholm

    Chez Jolie in Stockholm – with chef Mikael Einarsson, previously Djuret and Astoria, behind the pots – is a classic French bistro-style restaurant with a very relaxed and cosy ambience. On the food menu, you will find old-school classics mixed with more modern takes, where everything is very yummy. The wine list also focuses on the French, with great selections of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhône, with the addition of some wines from slightly lesser-known French regions and producers. The last few pages of the list also hold some high-quality wines from, for example, California and Italy.

  20. Phone: +46 8 660 03 18

    Address: Storgatan 12, Stockholm

    French and Swedish classics are expertly cooked in a French way by Roger Lindberg and Ingela Persson at this cosy little Östermalm bistro. The ambiance is a mix between Paris and Östermalm and you'll see many regulars.

  21. Phone: +46 8 661 25 62

    Address: Linnégatan 69, Stockholm

    Brasserie Elverket has turned 20 and is located next to Dramaten’s theatre stage by the same name. The brasserie serves lunch and dinner and once a month, a ton of oysters in the lively bar. Elverket’s wine list has both classics like Bordeaux but also newer producers of natural wines.

  22. Phone: +46 8 121 465 84

    Address: Narvavägen 32, Stockholm

    Philippe Simon transformed a little post office into a French oasis in 2013. Both neighbours and tourists enjoy French cuisine, music and of course wines in this wine bar in the Östermalm part of Stockholm.

  23. Phone: 08-660 11 05

    Address: Banérgatan 7, Stockholm

    Coco & Carmen is a stylish, playful high-quality neighbourhood bistro in Östermalm, Stockholm. It opened in 2019 and is run by the team behind the more rowdy sibling Punk Royale. But if the latter is wild and crazy, Coco & Carmen is more classic in its style, without lacking elements of surprise and a cheerful atmosphere. The fixed tasting menus apply to both lunch and dinner, and the dishes, updated continuously, are well prepared, classic, and always with a personal twist. The wine list is also leaning towards the classic, mainly focusing on European regions – especially France and Italy...

  24. Phone: +46 8 15 01 15

    Address: Fredrikshovsgatan 4, Stockholm

    Kasten is the latest addition to the Jim & Jacob group of restaurants, and guests that used to visit Eriks Bakficka at this Östermalm address will feel at home. To the right you’ll find the bistro, serving lunch and dinner and as with the other venues in the group, both food and service is of a high standard. To the left is the wine bar Vinstocken with a bar and a few tables. The Kasten team has chosen to list more classical wines in the restaurant and somewhat more hip and natural wines in the bar. At one of our first visits, we ran into sommeliers, importers and a visiting wine producer fr...