Winerie Parisienne comes to London

Winerie Parisienne has been a hit in Paris with its creative blends and striking looks. It is also the first wine producer and professional vineyard in the region in modern history. Now, London wine merchant Red Squirrel brings the toast of Paris to the UK. Taste the wines at the London wine fair.

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"Winerie Parisienne is a true revolutionary, the first modern urban winery in Paris and not only making some really exciting and unique wines, but embarking on a thrilling journey to restore winegrowing itself to the French capital. Red Squirrel is so pleased to able to help wine lovers in the UK share in that journey," says Nik Darlington, Red Squirrel's Managing Director.

Winerie Parisienne was founded in 2015 and has planted the first professional vineyard in the region in 100 years, with 10 hectares of vines near Chateau de Versailles. Before the phylloxera crisis, the region was a major winegrowing area and had up to 44,000 hectares under vine in the 19th century. But the winery is already producing singular wines by creatively blending grapes from top vineyards across France.

”The reception we have had from wine lovers in Paris has been amazing, we are lucky enough to have more than 17000 people following or story and supporting the rebirth of the historical terroir and wine industry. Now we can’t wait to go to London," says Adrien Pélissié, CEO and co-founder of Winerie Parisienne.

Until the new vineyard in Versailles is ready to start producing, the current line-up from Winerie Parisienne includes wines that have been made by Julien Brustis, formerly a winemaker at Chateau Angélus in Bordeaux.

Here are the wines that are now available in the UK:

Jugement de Paris
With a name inspired by the famous 1976 tasting by Stephen Spurrier, the flagship wine of the winery is a blend of Merlot, Grenache, Tannat and Syrah, giving it complexity and balance. With the cuvée, Winerie Parisienne wanted to create a totally new grand vin, showcasing the diversity of the French geography with a selection of the finest terroirs.
Scored 90 points by Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World 2007.

Don Paris
The sparkling wine Don Paris merits a story of its own - the original Don Paris Peroni was a Corsican winegrower born in 1847 and also the great-great-grandfather of the co-founder of Winerie Parisienne, Adrien Pélissié. According to the family history, Don Paris made a sparkling Vermentino and that is just what Adrien and his team have re-created in the winery with Vermentino grapes from southeast France. The modern version is a full-bodied, fresh, mineral, vibrant sparkling wine. Don Paris is made with the second fermentation in bottle, the traditional method.

Grisant Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris have been blended with Vermentino, giving a fresh wine with minerality and floral aromas. The white Grisant ties the exotics notes and excellent body coming from the white varietal from the south of France with the freshness and acidity of grape varietals that are usually appreciated in cooler regions such as Bordeaux and Loire. (See photo with the Eiffel tower)

Grisant Rouge
Grisant Rouge blends Merlot and Syrah, varietals that are known for their richness in quality. With generous aromas of red fruit, dark fruit, pepper and graphite the combination of a complex nose, medium-bodied palate and ripe tannins. (See photo with the Eiffel tower)

Winerie Parisienne and its distinct bottles have become a new symbol of the city, and besides being listed in numerous wine bars and restaurants including the three Michelin Star Yannick Alléno. The wines are also carried by Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and at the Roland Garros French Open Tennis tournament.

Read more about Red Squirrel and Winerie Parisienne in the UK here, and contact Red Squirrel here.

Read more about Winerie Parisienne here.

Published 19-May-2019

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Winerie Parisienne was founded in 2015 and has planted the first professional vineyard in the Paris region in 100 years; 10 hectares of vines that are farmed organically, west of Paris.


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