VDP celebrates 50 years of the Weinbörse - and will put 200 faces on display

Theresa Olkus, VDP. Photo Star Wine List.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 15-May-2024
News / Germany

The Mainz Rheingoldhalle halls were filled with wines and people when the VDP celebrated its 50th Weinbörse anniversary in style at the end of April. Speeches, celebrations, master classes and festivities marked the event's importance.

"We are really happy," said VDP's Managing Director Theresa Olkus when we caught up with her at the final hour of the two-day event.

The Weinbörse is the traditional gathering where the VDP growers show a new vintage to members of the trade, sommeliers and buyers, both from Germany and beyond.

Besides the VDP growers, Star Wine List was also present with a booth to spread the word and engage with visitors - not least sommeliers who were wondering who were going to be finalists in the German-Austrian-Swiss awards that we are holding soon - story here.

VDP Weinbörse 2024. Photo Star Wine List.

But back to the VDP and its reason for celebrating.

”On anniversaries it’s always great to look back and see what has developed. I am 31 now but when I listen to the stories about what German wine was 50 years ago I can hardly imagine it. I got some catalogues from the first fair. It had 50 pages: 48 with sweet wines, one with dry wines and one with red wines. Times have changed a lot and they will keep changing," said Olkus.

Have you had any chance to get an impression of the 2023 vintage?
”I have only had two or three glasses yesterday when the minister was here, now I want to grab a glass and taste a few things the last hour! But the feedback about the 2023 has been really, really good."

The celebration was also the launching point of a new campaign, showcasing the VDP growers in person.

"The idea is to have their 200 faces talking about their 200 reasons that they chose their profession, to give people another picture of the job and to consider the job because I think we have to motivate the newer generation. The nature is not easy, the markets are sometimes not easy but look at our winemakers, often the new generation chooses to take over the family business and that is something that we have to support a lot.”

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