Star Wine List to celebrate Hong Kong's and Macau's top wine lists

Jury: Raimonds Tomsons, Arvid Rosengren, Marc Almert, Paz Levinson, Pascaline Lepeltier

Star Wine List's journey to celebrate great wine lists around the world continues to Hong Kong and Macau. On 8 December we will announce the winners, selected by our jury with some of the world's best sommeliers. The winners in Hong Kong and Macau will qualify for the global final in Vienna in 2021, hosted by Austrian Wine.

"Our first city guides in Asia were for Hong Kong and Macau. So it is only fitting that our first Star Wine List of the Year competition in Asia will be for Hong Kong and Macau too. We are excited to see which wine lists will win and come with us to the Global final in Vienna, hosted by Austrian Wine," says Krister Bengtsson, Star Wine List's founder.

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8 December, 9 AM Vienna, 4PM HK / Macau.

"I am excited that we will be able to show the great wine lists of Hong Kong and Macau to the world through this competition,” says sommelier Reeze Choi, Star Wine List's Hong Kong ambassador.

Star Wine List of the Year is our wine list competition that has previously been held in the Nordic countries. Now we are taking the event global and the winners in different countries will qualify for our Global Final in Vienna in May 2021, hosted by Austrian Wine.

All venues currently on Star Wine List's guide to great wine bars and wine restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau are automatically entered, free of charge. All other venues are also welcome to enter their wine lists before the deadline, 8 November. (see below for rules)

The jury for this event will be several of the world's most prominent sommeliers:
Arvid Rosengren, 2016 Best Sommelier of the World
Paz Levinson, Best sommelier of Argentina and the Americas
Pascaline Lepeltier MS, 2018 Best Sommelier of France
Raimonds Tomsons, 2017 Best Sommelier of Europe and Africa
Marc Almert, 2019 Best Sommelier of the World

The jury will vote independently for their favorites considering width, depth, originality and value. The jurys' votes are then added up to decide the finalists and the winners.

The finalists and winners will be decided in several categories such as:
Grand Prix
Best Austrian Wine List, presented by Austrian Wine
By the Glass
Special Jury Price, presented by Vintec
Best Short list
More categories may be announced before the competition date.

The winners in Hong Kong and Macau will qualify for the Global final of Star Wine List of the Year. It will be held in Vienna in May 2021, hosted by Austrian Wine. One sommelier per venue will be invited to the final in Vienna.
The winner of the Austrian wine list category gets an all-inclusive invitation for one sommelier to Vienna for the event.

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Rules and details for venues:
From now we will accept entries until the deadline 8 November 2020. Venues on Star Wine List are automatically entered, free of charge, if we have an updated wine list from the venue (not older than 3 months).

For venues not listed by Star Wine List: Simply send your wine list by email to [email protected] along with name and address of the venue. This is free of charge.

Please note that the wine lists entered into the competition have to be regularly available to guests at the venue, either physically, digitally or on Star Wine List. Special wine lists prepared only for the competition will not be accepted.

The wine lists must reflect the real availability of wine at the venue, and this may be checked with random spot checks, either live or by video call. We reserve the right to refuse wine lists we deem to break any of our rules, without explanation or right to appeal. A venue or person breaking the rules may be barred from all SWL competitions for three years.

Follow the event live on Star Wine List's Facebook page:
8 December, 9 AM Vienna, 4PM HK / Macau.

Published 15-October-2020

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