Italian Village


Chicago, USA

About Italian Village

Italian Village is an experience in its own right, for certain. Turn the kitsch-factor up to eleven, color everything in 1970’s Italian-American technicolor, and ignore any diet goals for an evening of red sauce and melted cheese, in the best, most low-key hedonistic way.

As you’re burrowing through your lasagne, be prepared to be thoroughly impressed by one of the largest wine collections in Chicago, with 1,300 primarily Italian listings of truly impressive breadth and depth. This is a true history of Italian wine - no modernists allowed. Libraries of reserve wines, all the famous names from across the boot, and pleasantly approachable prices across the board.

If you’re looking for a fussy tasting menu in a dimly-lit gallery, head elsewhere. But, if you’re down to crush some mozzarella sticks with a 1960s Barolo Riserva, Italian Village is a rollicking local spot that will suit you right (just be sure to wear pants with a little stretch).

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