Nicos Andreou

Cyprus Ambassador

Nicos Andreou is an amateur food and wine connoisseur whose passion for food was sparked at a very young age, when as a child in his native Cyprus he would help his parents in the kitchen at home. As he grew up, his love of gastronomy flourished, and he continued to experiment with Greek cooking as well as international and fusion cuisine, creating recipes, focusing on taste and textures, and matching ingredients with each other and pairing dishes with wine.

He became a primary school teacher in 1992, but his love of food and wine never left him, and in his spare time he undertook a number of various cooking and wine tasting courses, both in Cyprus and abroad, which helped to deepen his knowledge and further increase his interest in the subject.

As soon as he could afford it, he started visiting leading restaurants such as those listed in the Michelin Guide and Gault & Millau, trying out innovative dishes and enjoying them with top wines from around the world, ably assisted by the expertise of the sommeliers.

He then started writing restaurant reviews, giving him further opportunities to visit the world’s best kitchens, and meet award-winning chefs, winemakers, oenologists and other wine enthusiasts. He now writes regular reviews about food and wine for, where he interviews chefs, wine producers and sommeliers, amongst others.

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