LPM Limassol

Hotel, Casual Dining Restaurant

Limassol, Cyprus

LPM Limassol Wine List

About LPM Limassol

An internationally renowned restaurant with a unique vibe, identity and concept that is hard to find elsewhere. The beautiful interior is characterized by the Belle Epoque aesthetic, featuring predominantly white colour, colourful paintings, and brown wooden flooring. The ponds with tropical plants, palm trees, and the extensive landscaped gardens of Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, against the backdrop of the azure sea, are in themselves an attractive factor. The restaurant's gastronomic concept is unique, focusing on the French Riviera, Mediterranean products, the freshness of ingredients, and a sharing philosophy.

All dishes are placed at the centre of the table for you to share with those you love and appreciate. Regarding the wine list, it’s obvious that in all categories of wine, generic ones, that could easily be found elsewhere, are avoided. The emphasis is on special and unusual wines from smaller vineyards and from makers and owners that have a story to tell, or from places that the land twists in a unique way at the production, or in the qualities of the wine itself.

The LPM wine menu is unusual because rosés are listed first, ahead of the whites and champagnes and a lot of them are served by the glass. According to LPM’s philosophy, this is because their rosés are a unifying centrepiece. They set the tone. They are extraordinary and unexpected. They are emblematic in that they are what you’ll find most often on the tables of the French Riviera through the decades.

Great for

  • Big wine list
  • Bordeaux
  • Burgundy
  • By the glass

Wine team

  • AK
    Alexis Kleanthous
  • AS
    Anna Soltys
    Food and Beverage Manager

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