14 favourite wine restaurants in Macau 2024

Macau is an exciting wine city, where you find both high-end hotels and casinos, as well as intimate neighbourhood venues. Here is our ambassador Hedi Lao's guide that leads the way to the best wine restaurants in Macau.

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  1. Phone: +853 8889 8889

    Address: 4HXC+2FG, Avenida da Nave Desportiva

    Indulge in the extraordinary culinary realm of Chef Tam Season's, a revered dining destination in Macau since 2023. Celebrity chef Tam's culinary prowess shines as he artfully weaves the 24 solar terms of the Chinese Calendar into his seasonal creations, presenting an exquisite tapestry of Cantonese Cuisine. Immerse yourself in the restaurant's captivating ambience, where a floral-inspired design transports you to a world of refined elegance. The centrepiece, adorned with over 700 Italian Murano butterfly chandeliers, creates a mesmerizing glow, casting a spell that leaves guests enchanted by...

  2. Phone: +853 2888 9966

    Address: MO Rua Cidade de Sintra NAPE, Rua Cidade de Sintra

    Chef Henry Zhang is an esteemed master of Northern Chinese, Sichuan, and Shandong cuisines. His unwavering passion for aesthetics and boundless creativity have elevated traditional "heritage" dishes, offering diners an extraordinary and multi-dimensional culinary experience. The restaurant exudes opulence, adorned with silk lanterns and mosaic flooring, while the tea lounge draws inspiration from the Peacock Room, creating a luxurious and harmonious ambience that enhances the dining experience. Alongside a carefully curated selection of classic wines, the wine list showcases captivating choic...

  3. Phone: +853 8886 2169

    Address: Galaxy Macau, MO 1/F 1031 Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, COTAI Macau

    8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana in Galaxy Hotel opened in 2015, and this place brings you a comfortable and chic dining atmosphere. The circular bar area close to the entrance is beautifully decorated with colourful Murano glass, dark wooden floor and deep beige walls. The food is genuine and flavorful, and recommended dishes include marinated Japanese Tuna, artisanal burrata cheese Ravioli, and Amadal for main.

  4. Phone: +853 8802 8888

    Address: MGM MACAU, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau

    Aux Beaux Arts serves brasserie-style French cuisine and has an open terrace connecting the restaurant with the lively central plaza of the MGM Macau hotel. Diners can choose to sit in “al fresco” style under the glass ceiling of the atrium, or in an intimate and cosy 1930’s Paris setting.

  5. Phone: +853 2871 4004

    Address: 975 Avenida da Praia Grande

    Built 1870, this used to be a private club serving only army officers but then opened to the public as a Portuguese restaurant in 1995. The venue provides an authentic atmosphere of old times Portugal, with European décor, Portuguese ceiling, surrounded by​ Chinese antiques. The club area includes social and entertainment facilities on the ground floor. Celebrity guest chefs from Portugal are invited twice a year, and the place is now less formal than it used to be. Signature dishes include Bacalhau, South African Chicken and duck rice.

  6. Phone: +853 8806 8888

    Address: MGM COTAI, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

    Opened in 2018, Five Foot Road is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the Cotai Strip. The name pays tribute to the narrow lanes of Chengdu, a city with deep historical connections to the Southern Silk Road and the current capital of China's Sichuan province. The restaurant's design takes inspiration from traditional Chengdu mansions, and the walls are filled with authentic ink paintings and calligraphies. The menu at Five Foot Road has been thoughtfully curated to showcase an array of delicacies meticulously crafted under the framework of the twenty-four flavours of Sichuan cuisine. The...

  7. Phone: +853 8806 8888

    Address: MGM COTAI, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau

    Grill 58 restaurant is situated on the second floor of the MGM Cotai. This open-space dining establishment offers an inviting ambience, making it a haven for steak enthusiasts. The restaurant is divided into three uniquely themed sections: Teppanyaki, a Lounge Bar and the main dining area that can overlook the Spectacle. The restaurant holds the distinction of being the first restaurant in the city to house a beef ageing room. Here, beef is dry-aged for over 28 days in a room lined with Himalayan salt, enriching the flavour and tenderness of the meat. In addition to top-quality dry-aged beef,...

  8. Phone: +853 8598 3077

    Address: Colina de Mong-Há, Macao

    International Special Jury Prize 2021

    This is a great place to go if you prefer to explore the old town aesthetic rather than the glamorous casino centre. The IFTM Educational Restaurant is located at the Mong Ha Hill and is known for its mix of European and Macanese cuisine. This training restaurant gives hospitality and culinary students an opportunity for practical service, and signature dishes include seafood rice, Michi – traditional minced pork – or beef and Sarradura. There are also gluten-free dishes on the menu. Make sure you have made your reservation in advance as dining hours are always full.

  9. Phone: +853 8881 1800

    Address: Grand Lisboa Palace, Level 3 Rua do Tiro, Cotai

    California Wine List of the Year Asia, presented by Louis M. Martini 2023

    Mesa is a collaboration between Lisboa Palace and Michelin-starred Chef José Avillez. The restaurant's name, "Mesa," translates to "dining table" in Portuguese, reflecting its focus on convivial dining experiences. The space is divided into a bar and a main dining area, with the design masterminded by the renowned Karl Lagerfeld. Near the entrance, guests are greeted by a birdcage-inspired bar set against a backdrop of glittering black and gold. This ambience subtly evokes the essence of Portuguese aesthetics, further enhanced by a touch of Chinese influence. Mesa serves contemporary Portugu...

  10. Phone: +853 8881 1380

    Address: Grand Lisboa Palace, Level 3, Rua do Tiro

    Designed by Alan Chan, The Palace Garden in Lisboa Palace features farm-to-table Cantonese cuisine. The main dining area showcases a stunning 35-meter handcrafted Suzhou silk chrysanthemum art piece, setting the tone for an aesthetic journey. Six Suzhou hand-painted silk fans are strategically placed, offering discreet partitions between tables, adorned with bird and flower imagery contributing to the tranquility of the space. For a more intimate experience, the Palace Garden offers five private rooms, each with a significant theme. The design and décor of these rooms are enriched with antique...

  11. Phone: +853 8803 7878

    Address: 南灣葡京路新葡京酒店43樓

    California Wine List of the Year Asia, presented by Louis M. Martini 2024

    When you take the elevator up to the 41st floor of Grand Lisboa Hotel and step out, you can immediately see the 19th century Steinway Grand Piano with this stunning Austrian crystal chandelier above. The cuisine is traditional French, and besides signature dishes like foie gras with roasted guinea fowl or the Kagoshima​ beef, there are also many other highlights such as the bread, cheese and dessert trolley.

  12. Phone: +853 8889 3663

    Address: 體育館大馬路Wynn Palace

    Located in Wynn Palace Macau, SW Steakhouse serves some of the best steaks in town. The restaurant got its name from its sister restaurant in Las Vegas, SW being the initials of the hotel owner. The main dining area is spacious, warmly​ lit with ivory tone interior. The food menu is concise, yet taking its pride on its fabulous beef from the US, Australia and Japan, along with fresh seafood and seasonal specials.

  13. Phone: +853 8883 2221

    Address: Galaxy Macau, 2F 201 Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, COTAI Macau

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year Asia, presented by Nyetimber 2023

    Terrazza is an Italian restaurant in the Galaxy Hotel with an Italian-focused wine concept and good food. The menu features many different Italian culinary regions, and this is a great place for a relaxed meal and some wine. Terrazza is famous for its incredible homemade Pacheri pasta, country-style roasted suckling pig and comforting Melanzane alla Parmigiana. The ambience is cosy, with spacious tables and earth-tone interior.

  14. Phone: +853 2881 8818

    Address: 北安區望德聖母灣大馬路四季酒店大堂

    Grand Prix Hong Kong/Macau 2020

    Zi Yat Heen is a superb Cantonese restaurant in the Four Seasons Macau known for its dim sum, crispy scallops with pear and “Char Siu Bao”- barbecued pork buns. The restaurant is spacious, yet with an elegant ambience. The impressive wine cellar is the centrepiece of the room, adding a refined touch to the atmosphere.