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Tokyo, Japan

Sushi Zai Wine List

About Sushi Zai

It wasn’t always easy to have a complete gastronomic experience at a sushi restaurant until remarkable Sushi Zai opened its doors in the Hiroo area. While most high-end sushi destinations offer just a couple of random sake and strange selections of Grand Vins that are simply too overpowering to go well with delicate flavours, Sushi Zai bravely solved this common headache by building a strong team of a sushi chef and a sommelier.

At Sushi Zai, your already satisfying sushi experience gets even better when trying the wine pairing option. Sommelier Suguru Hosaka offers strikingly creative pairings, for example, the “Kohada”, a kind of bluefish steeped in vinegar, paired with Nicola Joly’s Savennière. The cooked clam with sweet soy sauce is paired with Macvin du Jura, and “Kuruma” prawn is paired with Côte-Rôtie. Around 60 different wines on the list, frequently changing with the flow of the season.

Wine team

  • Suguru Hosaka 保坂 卓

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