Stockholm Vasastan’s 24 top wine bars & restaurants 2024

The Vasastan neighbourhood is brimming with great bistros, fine diners and wine spots. Here are our guide to the wine bars and wine restaurants in Vasastan, in random order.

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  1. Phone: +46 8 10 10 70

    Address: Norra Stationsgatan 51, Stockholm

    Etoile is a fine dining restaurant near Norrtull in Stockholm. The name showed the ambitions and sure enough, a star in the Michelin Guide followed. Etoile goes for fun dining, a set menu with unexpected or even radical but tasty combos. The wine program has expanded since the start and showcases both classical and natural offerings, primarily from France, Germany and the US.

  2. Phone: +46 8 33 04 00

    Address: Norrtullsgatan 24, Stockholm

    Vinverket, located in northern Vasastan in central Stockholm has a homely feeling and is more of a wine bar than a restaurant. Going down the stairs a few steps, and you'll find a wine cooler reaching from floor to ceiling, and a solid kitchen table serving both as bar and workplace. Walk a few more meters and sit down by the small tables, perfect for a tête a tête. You will be served smaller dishes, influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine.

  3. Phone: +46 8 91 40 88

    Address: Roslagsgatan 43, Stockholm

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2024

    It was a loss for Stockholm that Agrikultur recently closed its doors for good. It's all the more fun that Bord took over the premises to start a business of the same high calibre. Bord offers what they call "bistronomy" – ingredients and flavours you find at a fine dining restaurant but served in a more relaxed, neighbourhood-style environment. Joel Aronsson, who previously worked at (now closed) two-star Fäviken in Jämtland and Ett Hem in Stockholm, leads the work in the kitchen and serves well-executed dishes with personal twists. The menu is tight and changes regularly, depending on the s...

  4. Phone: +46840801885

    Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 112, Stockholm

    German Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Wines of Germany 2024

    Wine bar and restaurant E & G (short for Egon and Gösen) is located at Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm, a few minute’s walk from the crowded neighbourhoods around Odengatan. The place is relaxed, like a living room away from home. The food is rustic and tasty and made for sharing – snacks, smaller dishes and stews. Small, intimate and cosy and with an interior where wine is, literally, all around you.

  5. Phone: +46 76 669 67 99

    Address: Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm

    Roslagsgatan in the Vasastan neighbourhood may not look like much but you have a bunch of good gastronomic addresses. Prospero opened in 2019 and the little space a few steps down is very sparse. When the plates arrives you will find more colour and taste, but still with simplicity. The wine program focuses on artisanal producers from Europe such as Julie Balagny and Strekov, which is all fine, but we also appreciate a few older bottles of Bordeaux as a contrast.

  6. Phone: +46 8 122 023 66

    Address: Tulegatan 22, Stockholm

    With Mirabelle, sommelier David Lilja Lundin and chef Viktor Sandström have opened the French bistro they dreamed about, in the Vasastan neighbourhood of Stockholm. Monsieur Lundin was previously at Café Nizza where he managed the wine program. Mirabelle loves wine of course, but the list is fairly short, at least until more space is found. The food is rustic household French, and the paté de campagne makes us say oh la la. Did Vasastan really need another bistro? For a place like Mirabelle, there is always room.

  7. Phone: +46 8 612 65 50

    Address: Tulegatan 24, Stockholm

    Svartengrens states that it’s about meat, cocktails and love. May we add wine to that description? The restaurant sources all its meat from small farmers in Stockholm’s archipelago. The wine list sources from small producers as well and includes both natural and classical wines.

  8. Phone: +46 8 509 022 24

    Address: Roslagsgatan 6, Stockholm

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2024

    As the name implies, the Stockholm restaurant and wine bar Babette is a feast in itself. A place for lively discussions over delicious small plates and some of Stockholm's most tasty pizzas. But don't miss the other plates from the chef's menu. In summer the crowd spills out onto a small terrace.

  9. Phone: +46 8 411 55 35

    Address: Rådmansgatan 16, Stockholm

    Adam/Albin is one of Stockholm’s hottest foodie-addresses. To go with the top notch-food and the great service, the wine list gives good Burgundy choices from village to Grand Cru along with a selection of wines from Bordeaux, California, Italy, Germany, Spain and Champagne.

  10. Phone: +46 8 24 03 50

    Address: Rådmansgatan 25, Stockholm

    Best Short List of the Year Sweden 2023

    The idea with Bar Nîmes was for Kim Öhman, the restaurateur behind Farang, to realize a life-long dream of a French-Italian bistro with a homely ambience and straightforward flavours. And yes, he and the team has definitely succeeded. Bar Nîmes is the perfect neighbourhood bistro where you can drop in for a quick glass – or stay for the night. The food draws inspiration from southern France and northern Italy, with dishes such as Vitello Tonnato, Panzanella, Tajarin and duck, all well-executed with a homely feel and elevated flavours. The wine list also leans mainly towards France and Italy,...

  11. Phone: +46 8 15 00 80

    Address: Tulegatan 10, Stockholm

    Adria is an Italian restaurant in the Vasastan area of Stockholm, serving a modern take on classical Italian dishes. The owners, an Italian family, have been in the business since 1970's.

  12. Phone: +46 8 673 74 00

    Address: Tulegatan 7, Stockholm

    Best Short List of the Year Finland 2024

    Farang takes guests on a journey to Southeast Asian cuisines. The restaurant is located in an old factory hall and the rustic backdrop contrasts with the warm atmosphere. The restaurant is decidedly high end - great food. The bar in the front is cool and serves simpler dishes. For a fine dining lunch experience, this is one of my main choices in Stockholm.

  13. Phone: +46 76 609 86 07

    Address: Tegnérgatan 4, Stockholm

    Beaujolais Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Inter Beaujolais 2024

    Savant is a wine bar in Stockholm that changes profile during the day. From early morning it's a café and later in the day it turns into a neighbourhood wine bar with charcuteries and some small dishes. Everything is built around sustainability and the wines are in the natural style. Photos: Dan Lepp, Sandra Backlund

  14. Phone: +46 8 10 16 96

    Address: Tegnérgatan 41, Stockholm

    When winemakers arrive in Stockholm, it's not rare to find them here. The hearty French-inspired classical bistro cuisine is very wine-friendly and with its generous opening-hours all days of the week - it's a sure bet if other places are closed. But even though it's been open for ever (or more than 30 years), it can still get packed - reservations are wise. The restaurateurs are Johan Jureskog and Klas Ljungquist - the team behind AG.

  15. Phone: +46 8 522 256 52

    Address: Odengatan 52, Stockholm

    By the Glass List of the Year Sweden, presented by Riedel 2024

    A wine bar in the Vasastan area of Stockholm with a few classic dishes, warm atmosphere, and a very wide range of wines on the wine list. The crew is experienced and knows how to take care of guests. A safe bet for wine lovers of all stripes!

  16. Phone: +46 8 519 422 74

    Address: Sveavägen 77, Stockholm

    L'Avventura is the Italian flagship of the restaurant group Stureplansgruppen, located at Sveavägen in Vasastan. In the grand dining room you can find families celebrating birthdays, friends meeting up for dinner, couples on their first date and business diners. And at least one Italian winemaker we've met have named L'Avventura the best Italian restaurant in town. The pasta dishes are to die for. L'Avventura has an Italian American style and we think Tony Soprano would have felt at home at a corner table.

  17. Phone: +46 8 527 281 00

    Address: Karlbergsvägen 14, Stockholm

    Low intervention / Natural Wine List Of The Year Sweden 2020

    Tranan is a classic brasserie at Odenplan that is frequented by locals and tourists looking for genuine “husman” cuisine. But it is also a very interesting wine address.

  18. Phone: +46 8 610 66 00

    Address: Karlbergsvägen 14, Stockholm

    Beaujolais Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Inter Beaujolais 2024

    Grus Grus is the wine bar opened by Tranan just next door on Odenplan in Stockholm's Vasastan neighbourhood. Snacks, small dishes and larger dishes to share are served in the cosy space. The Grus Grus wine list offers mostly wines from small-scale producers, often with an organic and natural focus. But be sure to check out the shelves in the wine fridge, where unlisted treasures from the Tranan “secret” wine cellar can be found at very attractive prices.

  19. Phone: +46 8 30 30 30

    Address: Upplandsgatan 45, Stockholm

    Carl Ishizaki's Sushi Sho caused a splash when they were awarded a Michelin Star for their Omakase and Tsumami, the chef’s choice of sushi and small dishes to die for. All is served over the counter at high speed, like a proper Tokyo hangout. It is essential to make reservations in advance.

  20. Phone: +46 8 27 44 55

    Address: Västmannagatan 69, Stockholm

    Lilla Ego is well known for being run by three Chefs of the Year in Sweden and for being fully booked. However, you can come early and wait around for one of the drop in seats to be free, you will not be alone, nor disappointed. Although people come for the food, we also like to go there for the wine and relaxed ambiance. The Lilla Ego two wine lists are not the longest in town, but there is real breadth. The wine lists wines from well known wine regions like Burgundy, Piedmont, Wachau and California – some with good age too.

  21. Phone: +46 8 30 32 32

    Address: Odengatan 94, Stockholm

    Minh Mat is a cosy Vietnamese restaurant with an outdoor terrace for sunny days. Unusually for Asian cuisines, it also has a wine focus.

  22. Phone: +46 8 30 11 01

    Address: Sankt Eriksplan 1,Stockholm

    Beaujolais Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Inter Beaujolais 2024

    The Swedish Chef of the Year 2012, Klas Lindberg, opened his dream bistro in 2016 and the accolades did not wait. The food is modern Nordic, mixes classics with modern takes and is superb. The wine list is varied and growing - and the service team is professional. This is a solid recommendation if you want to experience Stockhholm dining. There is also a separate bar and dining room across the portal(!) from the restaurant.

  23. Phone: +46 8 771 14 70

    Address: Rörstrandsgatan 12, Stockholm

    The Rörstrandsgatan in Stockholm’s Vasastan neighbourhood may be packed with restaurants, but that didn’t stop the team behind Nektar from opening their small restaurant and wine bar there. As the name implies, there is wine! The wine list leans to the natural side but classicists need not fear, because in general the wine list is more pure than funk. The team behind Nektar have worked at top restaurants in Stockholm and Copenhagen and it shows. Professional but warm service. In summer the street turns into a pedestrian zone and there is an outdoor terrace.

  24. Address: Tomtebogatan 22, Stockholm

    Niche Wine List Of The Year Nordic 2019

    Ambar is the Stockholm wine bar that likes to serve orange wines and beverages, hence the name that plays on amber. But there are plenty of other colours and types on the wine list. If you are hungry, there are delicious small dishes with touches of Japanese cuisine.