Andres Rosberg: ”My top 7 wine places in Buenos Aires”

We caught up with the Buenos Aires sommelier Andres Rosberg, former president of the International Sommelier Association, ASI, to get some of his favourite recommendations to go and drink wine in Buenos Aires. Here are his top wine spots in the city!

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  1. Phone: +54 11 4832-6058

    Address: Guatemala 4699, Buenos Aires

    Another big wine list and a definitive star of Argentina’s gastronomy is, of course, Don Julio, the steakhouse that just placed 14th in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurant 2022 list. The owner is a very good friend and a sommelier, and has one of the most beautiful and complete cellars in the country. I used to live around the corner, too, so I would end up at the restaurant more often than I should, but not as often as I would like to!

  2. Phone: +54 11 4773-3739

    Address: Arévalo 2032, Palermo, Buenos Aires

    The creation of celebrity somm Aldo Graziani, Aldo’s is a great combination of wine bar, restaurant and wine store. They have branches in Retiro and Palermo, but the one not to be missed is the one in San Telmo, as it boasts what is arguably Buenos Aires’ best jazz club, Bebop, in its basement.

  3. Phone: +54 11 4773-2311

    Address: Gurruchaga 1149, Buenos Aires

    Vico has a selection of over one hundred different wines being poured by the glass and a team of well-trained sommeliers. It is a fantastic place to go to if you are interested in tasting a big number of wines, as they also sell small portions for those tasting rather than drinking.

  4. Phone: +54 11 4811-1108

    Address: Libertad 1161, AAW Buenos Aires

    I love Gran Bar Danzon. This is where I stopped working as a bartender and started my training to become a sommelier over twenty years ago. It has a very comprehensive wine list, including many old vintages that are sometimes hard to find, and several different wines offered by the glass.

  5. Phone: +54 11 15-4821-3741

    Address: Beruti 2602, Buenos Aires

    Such a classic Spanish restaurant, this place has been around for many years. Not only it has one of the best cellars in Argentina by far, but​ it also serves ridiculously good suckling pic, baby goat, octopus, and many other delicacies.

  6. Phone: +54 11 4321-1200

    Address: 1086/88 Posadas, ABB, Buenos Aires

    This is a fantastic place where the combination of a proper cellar, impeccable service by well-trained sommeliers, elegant deco, and dry-aged beef takes the gastronomic experience to the next level.

  7. Phone: +54 11 5171-1234

    Address: Avenida Alvear 1661, Buenos Aires

    Built a century ago, when Argentina was one of the richest countries on Earth, the stunning Duhau Palace is a Park Hyatt hotel today. This beautiful place, located on the legendary Avenida Alvear in Recoleta, boasts a restaurant, a cocktail and cigar bar, a wine bar and Buenos Aires’ only serious cheese cellar. It’s a food and wine lover’s paradise.