Fabien Etienne

Malta Ambassador

Fabien Etienne. Photo courtesy of Beáta Köntös.

Born and raised in the beautiful region of Brittany in France, Fabien Etienne graduated from Hospitality in Vannes. He then embarked on furthering his knowledge of wine in 2005 with a ‘Sommellerie School’ in Saumur. He has acquired experience from high-end gastronomic ''Michelin-star'' restaurants around the world. To mention some few places like Le Laurent** (Paris), The Vineyard at Stockcross** (UK), The Capital** (London), The Hôtel du Palais (Biarritz, France), Dinner by Heston Blumenthal** at Mandarin Oriental (London), as well as Azurmendi *** (Bilbao), Aziamendi and Esenzi at Iniala Beach House (Phuket, Thailand).

In 2016, Fabien arrived in Malta and has resided there ever since. In 2017, Fabien created a Wine & Services Consultancy with the mission to enhance and raise wine knowledge in Malta. His journey includes providing staff training for restaurants and hotels, organizing wine dinners, conducting wine masterclasses, writing articles for local magazines and educating enthusiasts about the world of wine.

In 2020, Fabien established Somm Escape Ltd in Malta, focusing on Champagne and premium sparkling wines. The goal was to shift people's perceptions about Champagne and leverage this platform to educate and enhance the appreciation for quality sparkling wines on the island.

In 2022, Fabien was honoured to receive the Gold Medal in the Association Sommellerie International competition. Holder of the Advanced Sommelier certification from the esteemed Court of Master Sommeliers, he is now gearing up for the ultimate diploma level, aiming to join the exclusive ranks of the 278 Master Sommeliers worldwide.

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