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The baby of Leslie Rudd, founder of the Dean and Deluca luxury grocer franchise, and Napa Valley’s Rudd winery, Press was the first Napa restaurant to really celebrate Napa-qua-Napa. Revered sommelier Kelly White, who wrote the absolutely definitive, academic guide to Napa Wine, Napa Valley: Then & Now made a significant amount of the research for her work here at this restaurant, serving Napa’s history out of this cellar. There’s no restaurant that more directly revels in Napa’s history than Press.

While you can drink Napa wine anywhere in Napa, if you want to drink the history of Napa and see the true insider’s opinion of what Napa’s great wines are, the Press wine list provides you with the best opportunity to do that. Press, due to the history of the program, has the greatest access to the great mature wines of Napa, with many wineries breaking off special verticals of library wine that no other restaurant gets access to. While it won’t always be cheap, the special, rare, obscure and truly special of Napa Valley will always be on this list, accompanied by perennially classy contemporary American fare.

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