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L’Aube, a contemporary French restaurant located in Higashi Azabu, is the fruit of the talents from the trio of Chef Hideaki Imahashi, Pastry Chef Shoko Hirase and Sommelier Hiroshi Ishida. While they all can individually cast a serious magic, this trio always work as a perfect team.

Their French based contemporary cuisine puts strong focus on expressing the beauty of Japanese seasonal greetings, often with a unique touch of oriental spices such as indigenous “Island” peppers from Okinawa and Arabic Dukkah.

Quite interestingly, dessert here plays an equal role to the other parts. After the main course, you will experience a whole new round of artistic and conceptual stage that tells a beautiful story of pastry chef’s personal memories in the woods, fields and gardens.

L’Aube’s wine selection reflects these stories from the two chefs, and consistently and flexibly changes its face. Their truly borderless list covers wines from anywhere in the world including somewhat obscure places though the listed producers are always strictly selected from those who shows the finest and most sophisticated expression of the terroir.

Wine team

  • Hiroshi Ishida
  • Kosuke Watanabe
  • TS
    Taiki Saruta

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