The 5 best wine places in Sylt 2024

Sylt, the northernmost island of Germany, is mostly known for its long sandy beach and tourists resorts. But you can also find some really nice wine places on the island! Here, Star Wine List's ambassador Maximilian Wilm leads the way to his favourite wine spots.

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  1. Phone: +49 4651 27788

    Address: Süderstraße 8, Sylt

    New Generation Bordeaux List Germany, presented by Bordeaux Wines 2023

    Located on the breathtaking island of Sylt, the Hotel Jörg Müller has been one of the upscale meeting places on the island for years. Regionality is especially important to Jörg Müller; regional products have not only brought satisfied, returning guests to this restaurant for years, but also the highest ratings. Jörg Müller comes from a family of restaurateurs; his brother Dieter Müller, who is one year younger, is also a top chef. Jörg Müller's kitchen impresses with its German classics and focus on high-quality products.

  2. Phone: +49 04651 964646

    Address: Hörnumer Straße 80 Strandabschnitt, Hörnumer Straße 80, Sylt

    The Sansibar Sylt is an institution in the dunes between Westerland and Rantum. The story started in 1978 as a small "imbiss" close to the beach. Today it is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Germany. It’s very hard to get a table during summer since it’s also one of the VIP spots of Sylt. The food selection offers a lot of different options: Pasta, fish, sushi, schnitzel and gambas. But the must-haves are the steaks or fish to share. Turbots and soles are often on the menu, and the different steak cuts are amazing. The wine list offers a lot of big names from all over the worl...

  3. Phone: +49 04651 836200

    Address: Am Sandwall 1, Sylt

    The Hotel and Restaurant Söl’ring Hof is located in Rantum, embedded in the dunes. The hotel is a small 5-star hotel, with only 15 rooms and suites. Everything was renovated in the last few years after Jan-Philipp Berner took over the hotel and restaurant in 2022 from his mentor Johannes King. The menu is dominated by products from local farms and the nature of the island Sylt. On Mondays, they sometimes offer a beautiful Seafood menu. Also, the restaurant was renovated in spring 2023 and it’s now such a beautiful restaurant with the atmosphere of a living room. Since 2009 Bärbel Ring is in...

  4. Phone: +49 04651 460660

    Address: Am Tipkenhoog 18, Sylt-Ost

    The Tipken’s is located within the beautiful Severin’s Resort in Keitum. It is run by Nils Henkel, a famous German chef who has earned several Michelin stars. He is famous for his flora and fauna menus. Flora is always a vegetarian option and fauna focus on fish and meat. At the Tipken’s you have these two menu options, but you can also order all dishes à la carte. The wine list is well-selected, with more than 700 different wines available, where aged vintages of high-quality German producers as well as newcomers are represented. A nice selection of big bottles is also available. The list...

  5. Phone: +49 04651 9677790

    Address: Gurtstig 2, Sylt

    The Genuss Shop of Johannes King is situated at a roundabout on the outskirts of Keitum, not far away from the only vineyard of the island Sylt. Johannes King was the former owner and head chef of the 2-Michelin-starred restaurant Söl'ring Hof. For a few years now, he has been focusing on his manufacture and Genuss Shop. The Genuss Shop is a mixed concept of a bistro and a delicatessen store. The small food menu offers different dishes with mainly local products. They also always have some daily offers. The restaurant is open from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm, which makes the shop the perfect day...