20 top wine restaurants in Mexico City 2024

In Mexico City, you can find fine dining as well as relaxed bistro-style food spots, local cuisine as well as Mediterranean flavours. And, you can get some great wine to go with it. Here's the wine lover's guide to the best restaurants in Mexico City.

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  1. Phone: +52 55 2854 6561

    Address: Puebla, Roma

    Located on the lower level of an old mansion in the Roma neighbourhood, Sarde is a place that offers a great experience in a compact place. Its cocktails are first class and the dim light hovers over a few tables with diners enthusiastically enjoying the constantly changing dishes on the menu. The wine list takes you from classic producers to vignerons that will excite every wine lover. With a careful selection of wines by the glass, high-level pairings are guaranteed.

  2. Phone: +52 55 5525 6385

    Address: Calle Río Lerma 159, Cuauhtémoc

    Somma is located on one of the busiest streets of the Cuauhtémoc neighbourhood, full of restaurants of all styles, so a wine bar in this location was more than necessary. A small but cosy place, with industrial decoration, and most importantly: a carefully curated wine list with fair prices. Bravo! Responsible for this is sommelier Pablo Mata, who together with his partners opened this spot thinking of a relaxed experience, but with proper glassware, friendly service and good wine. It is worth mentioning that they are the only ones in the city to have a buchetta del vino (wine window), paying...

  3. Address: Calle Atlixco 132, Hipódromo Condesa, Ciudad de México

    In a corner of the Condesa neighborhood you’ll find NIV, a wine bar that offers labels from small producers, family projects and proposals concerned with the expression of terroir and an internationally inspired gastronomic menu based on seasonal ingredients. The surprises continue in the backroom where you can find candles, vinyl music and mezcal, to continue your evening in a fun atmosphere. The mastermind behind this project is Tanguy, who has been able to compose a great team around him, with wine proposals that in most cases have been chosen by himself to bring to Mexico. The proposal c...

  4. Phone: +52 55 5327 7766

    Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco, Ciudad de México

    Inside the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental at Polanco, you will find this Italian restaurant. Here, the first thing you'll notice is all the photos of local and international artists, as well as the terrific architecture in the elegant dining room. A bright wall full of glassware near the inside cellar, and an open kitchen to see the handmade pasta being made.

  5. Phone: +52 55 5592 5571

    Address: Calle General Prim 95, Juárez, Ciudad de México

    “Weird wines” is the motto here, which hits you right at the entrance of the restaurant when seeing the big wall full of wines. The creator of this Mediterranean-style place is one of the owners of Bichi Wines, a well-known Mexican natural winery. The interior is all about wood and graffiti-covered walls, which gives a casual feeling even though high-end food is served. Don't forget to ask about Nazas, their famous cumbia parties.

  6. Phone: +52 1 (55) 5327 7700

    Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco, Ciudad de México

    One of the most renowned restaurants in the luxurious Polanco neighbourhood. With more than 20 years of experience, Au Pied de Cochon is one of the classics when it comes to French cuisine in Mexico City. This place offers a tremendous selection of wines, including vertical collections and high-end wines by the glass. The service is carried out by sommeliers specialising in French wine and regularly under intensive training to meet the highest quality standards. Here you will find both classic and more modern producers in France and a wide selection of labels from the rest of Europe and the...

  7. Phone: +52 56 2598 1020

    Address: Calle General Juan Cano 42-local b, San Miguel Chapultepec I Sección, Ciudad de México

    Alexandre, of French origin, is a great wine connoisseur, and for many years has been dedicated to the import and distribution of wines in Mexico. And now, his vision is reflected in Brutal, his first project where you can taste a wide selection of his carefully curated collection. The offer ranges from natural wine to French bottles of rare and hard to find appellations, including Mexican varietals with choices from Spain, Austria, South Africa and Germany. The service is warm and the pairing is simple but delicious, undoubtedly the best option in this quadrant of the CDMX. Look out for Alex...

  8. Phone: +52 55 7098 1422

    Address: Avenida Veracruz 38, Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

    A small french bistro-style place located at Colonia Roma (yes, where the famous Oscars’ awarded movie took place), which opens early in the day if you want a nice and sophisticated breakfast to share. Also, don't miss the cheese plate, sausages and the home-made marmalade.

  9. Phone: +52 1 (55) 5327 7700

    Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco IV Sección, Ciudad de México

    Chapulin is, without a doubt, one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Polanco area. People visit them for their flavourful dishes, history and technique – and also because the place is just very nice. The wine selection has a Mexican focus, but there are also wines available from other parts of the world, as they are fed from the general wine cellar at the Hotel Presidente. Their selection of wines by the glass and bottles from medium and small Mexican wine producers is one of the largest in the city and the country. They also have a great selection of Mexican spirits.

  10. Phone: +52 1 (55) 1163 0747

    Address: Francia 75, Florida, Ciudad de México

    The Sept Cinq Restaurant is located within the Club France facilities in Ciudad de México. It is a space dedicated t French culture, highlighting the food, customs, and wine for obvious reasons. The restaurant's name refers to the Parisian zip code and the location of the Club at 75 rue de France. The wine list is 98% French and holds more than 1,300 labels. The list seeks to have exclusive and family producers representing the "savoir-faire" of their place of origin and to offer customers quality wine while breaking the country's clichés. They also have a wine club called "Talking with Somm...

  11. Phone: +52 55 5515 9585

    Address: Bosque de Chapultepec, Pista El Sope S/N, Bosque de Chapultepec II Sección, Ciudad de México

    The new concept of Lago|Algo brings only the most carefully selected products to the table, backed by the philosophy of a regeneration project that, through architecture, gastronomy and contemporary art, seeks to share with the public the building that historically housed the restaurant The Lake. Their desire is to establish fairer relationships with others and with the environment, migrating towards a farm-to-table model so that, in the near future, all ingredients will come from traceable origins. The menu, always changing, respects the rhythms of nature and takes inspiration from the ar...

  12. Phone: +52 55 5550 1692

    Address: Avenida Revolución 1426, Guadalupe Inn, Ciudad de México

    Down Revolución Avenue, mid-south of the city, this Mediterranean restaurant serves food straight from the charcoal grill. It's a casual place, greek-style and full of white and copper decorations. At the back is the cellar, with a cosy light that exalts every bottle in there.

  13. Phone: +52 55 5280 2680

    Address: Newton 55, Polanco IV Sección, Ciudad de México

    Over Newton street in Polanco, a small greenhouse with the name “Quintonil” over your head will lead you to this big hall, divided into two sections. The first section is more formal, full of wood and big mirrors, while the second one is bigger, with a terrace and a casual feeling. Quintonil serves a tasting menu based on seasonal products, always taking care of traditional Mexican flavours.

  14. Phone: +52 1 (55) 9012 1564

    Address: Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 333, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México

    Just in front of the iconic “Ángel de la Independencia” at Reforma, lies one of the top branches of Sonora Grill Group. This group is famous for its party-like steakhouses, where flashy lights and firework shows get along with DJ’s and delicious food. It’s a very peculiar kind of concept, but here, at their top line, Prime Steak Club, the service is just in another level. The wine selection includes wines from famous producers, going from Austria to Argentina, France, South Africa, Australia, USA and of course, Mexican wine. They have a selection of 17 wines by the glass, besides a good ra...

  15. Phone: +52 55 5545 4111

    Address: Tennyson 133, Polanco IV Sección, Ciudad de México

    Pujol is the most emblematic restaurant in the country and ranked on the 50 Best Restaurants list. A few years ago, the restaurant moved to a new and bigger location. You need to reserve your table in advance to be able to choose between the tasting menu or the taco omakase. If you eventually get here, don’t forget to take a kitchen tour, and to finish your meal with the mandatory mezcal at the terrace. (César Garduño, previoiusly sommelier at Pujol, is also Star Wine List's Mexico City ambassador, Editor's note)

  16. Phone: +52 1 55 7827 9395

    Address: Sinaloa 170, Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

    Sepia is an Italian restaurant with great Italian dishes and wines. Its speciality is homemade Italian pasta and amazing seafood dishes. They have an excellent selection of risottos, charcuterie and cheeses with Italian designation of origin. The wine list has a special emphasis on Italy, usually having wines from all regions, plus a large selection of French and Spanish wines as well as an exceptional Champagne cellar. Don't miss the terrace on the top floor; it is very cosy and trendy.

  17. Phone: +52 1 (55) 7265 3616

    Address: Orizaba 42, Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

    Within the always busy corridor between Roma and Condesa, you may miss Sartoria if you turn around the corner too fast. It’s a small place with a big soul. The food is really good. Chef Marco Carboni used to work for Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber, and Gordon Ramsay, so yes, he’s very experienced at bringing a lot of flavour to the table. The sommelier is also a very passionate guy who really loves wine and wants to create an experience for you. He pours the wine with elegance and talks with plenty of detail and emotion about the very carefully curated selection he has available, so if you just...

  18. Phone: +52 55 5568 4777

    Address: Boulevard de la Luz 777, Jardines del Pedregal, Ciudad de México

    Sud 777 is located south of the city, in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods, called Jardines del Pedregal. It looks more like a home than a restaurant and harbours a few antiques and a lot of rooms with tables, like you were in a living room in a 50’s movie.

  19. Phone: +52 1 55 5327 7762

    Address: Campos Elíseos 218, Polanco IV Sección, Ciudad de México

    The Palm in Mexico City is a true steak & lobster house. It's a restaurant that reminds you of old New York City, with classic decor and dim lights – looking like a mob deal would close in there at any moment. Its wide variety of dishes is only surpassed by the exquisite selection of wines available, with a clear focus on wines from the United States, Spain and France. The staff at The Palm is highly qualified to guide you through your experience. However, you can always entertain yourself (for more than 20 minutes without a problem) in choosing a bottle, as this restaurant collect their wine...

  20. Phone: +52 55 1857 6565

    Address: Monte Everest 635, Lomas de Chapultepec, Ciudad de México

    In Zeru the cuisine is delicious, and comes with a Basque approach, while the wines are carefully curated by Andrés Amor, one of the most renowned sommeliers in Mexico, to complement the dishes. Labels include options from different parts of Spain, as well as offerings from Mexico, the USA and other countries. There is also a good selection by the glass that is constantly changing. Sommelier Arisbeth's warmth and keen eye for selecting the best of the menu and creating delicious pairings are an essential part of the experience.