7 great wine bars and restaurants in Stavanger 2022

Fine dining, casual restaurants and cosy wine bars. In Stavanger there are plenty of places to drink great wine. Here is our guide to the best wine spots in the city.

  1. Phone: +47 940 77 955

    Address: Støperigata 6, Stavanger

    Uncompromising, creative and ambitious are three keywords well suited for describing Bellies. The restaurant lies in a former cannery on the east side of Stavanger. The interior is warm and hospitable and well worth the walk from the centre of town. The menu is entirely plant-based, and the wines are mostly on the natural side. What sets Bellies aside and above other restaurants, however, is the execution. Every dish is intense, complex and exceedingly well balanced, and the wine pairings are some of the best I've had the opportunity to taste in Norway. Regardless of how much of a meat lover...

  2. Phone: +47 51 86 41 58

    Address: Øvre Holmegate 20, Stavanger

  3. Phone: +47 51 55 11 11

    Address: Steinkargata 10, Breitorget, Stavanger

    Re-naa Matbaren is well on its way to becoming a culinary institution in Stavanger. Its elegant yet hearty bistro cuisine is among the city's best, the interior is warm and welcoming and the staff hustle and bustle about you in a friendly and efficient manner. The restaurant is part of the growing Re-Naa empire in Stavanger headed by award-winning chef Sven-Erik and his wife Torill Renaa. The couple are not ones to rest on their laurels and more likely than not you'll see them whizzing through the restaurant or greeting you at the door upon your arrival, ready to make you feel comfortable an...

  4. Phone: +47 51 52 20 00

    Address: Niels Juels gate 50, Stavanger

    Unpretentious, busy and welcoming are three words that come to mind when it comes to Matmagasinet. This melting pot lies in Stavanger's lovely Ledaal park and is bustling come rain or shine, snow or sleet. Open for both lunch and dinner, it caters to many appetites, and the outdoor terrace is simply irresistible during summer.

  5. Phone: +47 977 22 201

    Address: Hetlandsgata 6, Stavanger

    It's easy to become a bit spoilt with Nordic cooking these days. Young and hungry chefs constantly look to one another for inspiration and techniques, and there doesn't seem to be a vegetable left that hasn't been fermented, ground up to a powder and sprinkled on a plate. While Söl shares its new Nordic philosophy with many other contemporary restaurants, it succeeds where others might fail at one very vital point: making each plate taste fantastic each and every time. The restaurant looks deceptively simple with its casual wooden furnishings and spartan decor. But the atmosphere here is one...

  6. Phone: +47 51 55 11 11

    Address: Nordbøgata 8, Stavanger

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Norway, presented by Austrian Wine 2021

    Restaurant Re-naa is a Michelin restaurant that sets itself apart not because of any gimmick or theatricals but simply because of the supreme quality of its cooking, wine selection, service and presentation. It's a place where you can simply relax and watch the chefs intent at their work or choose to focus on your company and the special occasion at hand. Regardless of which, the quality is sky-high and the respect and handling of local ingredients superb.

  7. Phone: +47 451 22882

    Address: Skagen 16, Stavanger

    Vinkontoret is a refreshingly unpretentious and cosy little wine bar in Stavanger centre, illuminated by lighted candles and decorated with wine bottles and old posters. While many wine bars can be almost suffocatingly hip and self-centred these days, Vinkontoret welcomes you with a warm smile – whether you're a high profile in the wine industry or just a regular guest thirsty for a glass. Sharing a kitchen with the restaurant next door, they offer a selection of cheeses and charcuterie as well as a few dishes of the day.