8 favourite wine bars and wine restaurants in Düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf for business or pleasure, checking out the art or visiting ProWein? Whatever the occasion – here's the guide to the best wine bars and wine restaurants in town!

  1. Phone: +49 211 24092140

    Address: Andreas Quartier, Mühlenstraße 34, Düsseldorf

    This restaurant, located in the old town, is open all day, every day for food and wine. A typical French bistro with duck confit, mussels, seasonal specials & artisan cheese, offering a relaxed wine bar vibe and full menu throughout​ the day. The staff is international, relaxed and interested in wine; always happy to let you taste something open or chat about the absinthe selection. The location is several stories with a balcony, olive tree-clad glasshouse and full display wall of impressive empty wine bottles as reminders of wine dinners past. The Bistro Sommelier is warm and cosy​ for lunc...

    Bistro Sommelier is temporarily closed.

  2. Phone: +49 152 28759836

    Address: 40213, Carlsplatz 26, Düsseldorf

    Concept Riesling is located in the public market at Carlsplatz, which is a vibrant daily market in the old town area. The market is one of the most popular local destinations, with food shopping, flowers, special stall for meats, cheese, olives and spices. The gentlemen behind Concept Riesling, Nils and Philip, have been collecting wines and buying private cellars for years, and eventually decided to open up a location in the market. The shop is also a wine bar, and you can drink glasses or bottles at the stall in the market, or buy bottles to take away. The fun part is that these guys have...

  3. Phone: +49 211 20052686

    Address: Eiskellerberg 1, Düsseldorf

    The Eiskeller wine bar is located near the Rhine River in the “Altstadt” old city of Düsseldorf. It is tucked into an old building a few blocks from the river that was once used as a cellar to store ice brought down the river. This is how it got the name Eiskeller. This is a cozy little stone cellar with wooden tables and lots of candles. It is a classic wine bar in the sense that it serves a large assortment of wines by the glass and bottle, and charcuterie or cheese to go with it. Most of the snacks offered are bought from local producers. They are all top quality and served in generous port...

  4. Phone: +49 211 20081860

    Address: Tannenstraße 23A, Düsseldorf

    The Stöckmanns family, who also have a fine dining restaurant in a nearby smaller city, opened up Finns as a neighbourhood wine bar. It is more than just a wine bar though, it is a relaxed more modern version of the original Michelin starred restaurant the family has had for generations. The food is top-notch, innovative, interesting and delicious. It over-delivers in what you expect for a neighbourhood place in a quiet residential area a little north of downtown. It is warm and welcoming; perfectly set up for a relaxed dinner or a glass of wine and some snacks at the counter. Intimate with on...

  5. Phone: +49 211 24092139

    Address: Mühlenstraße 34, Düsseldorf

    MASH is a classic American steak house featuring the typical red leather upholstery and large wine cellar. It brings to mind steak houses from the heyday of American industry, offering a prohibition-era cocktail program with a massive selection of hard to find Bourbon and Whiskey. The food menu features steaks from around the world, including top-quality Kobe, German, American, Uruguayan and 90-day dry-aged steaks from Denmark. Meat is the focus here; the staff can tell you the difference in flavour, cattle breed, marbling and rearing. It is a business-friendly restaurant with an internation...

  6. Phone: +49 211 87744595

    Address: Altestadt 12, Düsseldorf

    Parlin is known for its lovely vintage ceiling and hearty German French kitchen. The assortment of dishes include classics like calf’s liver, tartar, schnitzel and oysters. It is more of a restaurant than a traditional wine bar during dinner hours. Parlin stays open later to cater to people wanting to enjoy a bottle of wine and relax. Located in the centre of the bustling old city with a busy lively brasserie vibe, it is a good place to a grab a glass and people watch. It is cozy and welcoming on a cool evening and a nice place to relax in the Altstadt.

  7. Phone: +49 211 97711737

    Address: Weißenburgstraße 19, Düsseldorf

    Located in the friendly neighbourhood of Derendorf in the northern part of Düsseldorf, Rocaille is a café, wine bar and restaurant. They open in the late morning for coffee and pastry and stay open all day. The pastry selection is amazing and the coffee is made with care and attention to detail. Rocaille allows for a coffee into wine type of afternoon… if that is what you are looking for. The food and ambiance are a mix of French, Italian and German. The menu offers charcuterie, roasted rack of lamb, macaroons, breakfast and everything in between, depending on what time of day you arrive. Th...

  8. Phone: +49 211 94218181

    Address: Ackerstraße 181, Düsseldorf

    Nine O Five is a delicious pizza place with two locations in Düsseldorf: the Carlsplatz market and Flingern. They serve Neapolitan style pizza with 72 hour-aged sourdough crust. The pizzas are made with organic ingredients with a focus on slow food productions. In short: top-quality topping to go on deliciously chewy and crispy crust cooked in a super hot oven. They also offer a nice selection of seasonal antipasti and salads. Nine O Five is all about high-quality ingredients, served in a very casual setting. The tables are tall with bar stools and made for sharing. Complete with buckets of...