Caroline Leblanc

Social Media Manager


Canadian sommelier and marketing manager Caroline Leblanc is Star Wine List's Social Media Manager. Her way into the wine business started when she was very young: Every Saturday, her family used to go to her aunt’s place to have dinner, and every week she would see her aunts and uncles gather around the kitchen island and taste different wines.

”That’s when wine sparked a little something in me (pun intended @alittlesommthing): I started to wonder, what is it with wine that brings people together? Why is it that it has them connect and enjoy a moment even more?” she says.

When she turned 18 she got a job as a sales clerk at the SAQ (Quebec’s monopoly), and she says that it was then that she confirmed her love for the industry that had captivated her for years.

Since then, she has done a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management at ESADE in Barcelona, and then embarked on a journey with Familia Torres as their Brand Ambassador and Export Area Manager for about five years. She also completed her sommelier certification in Montreal and her WSET Level 3 in wines.

In January 2021, she joined Vins Fins L’Agence, where she now works as a Senior Brand Manager, and in January 2022 she became Vice President of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers.