5 great wine bars and restaurants in Old Town Stockholm 2022

Don’t fall into the tourist traps when you’re in Stockholm’s old town, there are plenty of good wine bars and wine restaurants with great wine lists. Here are our favourites in the old town. Check out their wine lists and why not make an evening of hopping between the wine bars and wine restaurants, the beautiful alleys of Stockholm’s Old town might be narrow, but at least it’s all in a short distance!

  1. Phone: +46 8 50640087

    Address: Lilla Nygatan 5, Stockholm

    Daniel Crespi’s little foodie and wine lover empire in the Old Town will never stand still. For summer 2022, the new kid on the block is Vingården (the Vineyard). Charcoal grilled pieces of meat and fish are on the menu along with other popular dishes from the restaurant kitchen. On the wine front, they have selected up to 100 wines from the cellar that will be served both by the bottle and by the glass. All cleverly introduced under different headlines. If you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, ask for the Djuret main list with 3000 labels. It has won our Star Wine List of the Year awa...

  2. Phone: +46 8 506 400 84

    Address: Lilla Nygatan 5, Stockholm

    Grand Prix Sweden 2022

    Djuret (The animal), one of the restaurants in the main gastronomic block in Old Town, is always evolving and it is therefore a good idea to check their website to see what the kitchen is up to at the moment. Whatever it is, it will be tasty and comfortable. Specials often including great wine deals.

  3. Phone: +46 76 894 34 39

    Address: Stora Nygatan 22, Stockholm

    Cork is a new charming, relaxed and cosy wine bar in the Old Town in Stockholm. The wine list focuses on Portugal, and the food is Mediterranean, leaning mostly towards Italy (you have to try the risotto!). The venue itself is quite small and intimate, with a lot of wood and – of course – cork. The best spot is by the bar counter, where you can chat with knowledgable owner/sommelier Alexandre Carreira, while he serves you some great wine.

  4. Address: Mälartorget 15, Stockholm

    Gaston in the Old Town of Stockholm is the wine bar connected with restaurant The Flying Elk and cocktail bar Corner Club in the same building. It reopened in 2021 with new owners, kept the vibe but added a new crew of experienced somms. The interior is clean and classy, with marble, wood and copper. On the floor, you’ll find a team of skilled sommeliers, who can guide you through the wine list and the by-the-glass list of the day. A bonus is that wines have been kept for a while, there are some older vintages available.

  5. Phone: +46 8 10 87 75

    Address: Nygränd 10, Stockholm

    Fem små hus means Five small houses and refers to the five Old Town buildings whose cellars have been joined to form this classic restaurant. The result is a meandering maze of vaulted rooms. The menu is classic and you should not miss the veal filet Anna Lindberg.