11 romantic wine places in Berlin 2024

Everyone knows that Berlin is "arm aber sexy" (poor but sexy), but did you know that you can also find tons of romance in this amazing city? Not surprisingly for a city that is renowned for its creativity and daring, there are wine and culinary adventures to be found around every corner, making it the perfect place to explore with a loved one.

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  1. Phone: +49 30 4530532620

    Address: Landsberger Allee 106, Berlin

    Best Short List of the Year DACH 2024

    If you are looking for a place where you can dine and drink in breath-taking views of Berlin, Skykitchen is without fail the cream of the crop. The name clearly holds the promise: you dine on the twelfth floor of the surprisingly well-appointed hotel Vienna House Andel’s Berlin. From every seat you can look out over the cosmopolitan city of Berlin. Super cool–it’s great view, really! The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant, being modern but not over the top. It’s all a bit dark, even cosy in a sense. A structure standing in the middle, into which you can see through a few windows, ho...

  2. Phone: +49 30 30640772

    Address: Kolonnenstraße 62, Berlin

    “There should be good wine bars in the gastronomic metropolis of Berlin like the proverbial sand by the sea. Well, more like amber from the Baltic Sea―I was looking for it in vain recently”. Sylvia Jost from Berliner Zeitung explained it correctly. In recent years, it has been difficult to find a wine bar where you feel welcome, where you are treated as an individual and where you can have time to drink and taste the wine in your glass. Luckily, the Weinlobbyist opened shortly before the pandemic and still thrives thanks to host and owner Serhat Aktas. The setting is perfect too―in the popular...

  3. Phone: +49 30 42219926

    Address: Zur alten Flussbadeanstalt 5, Berlin

    The Hafenküche is located directly at the Citymarina Berlin and thus directly at the exit of the Rummelsburg Bay. It’s a magical place where you will find a restaurant with terrace and fireplace, a beer garden and a barbecue area right on the water, for up to 17 people. Not only is the gastronomy strongly influenced by the owner and sommelier Mathias Brandweiner, but the way you will be generously and warmly welcomed will make you forget that you are even in Berlin. The wine list is international, with the emphasis on Germany and Austria. The beauty of it is how Mathias and his team manage to...

  4. Phone: +49 30 98396198

    Address: Kleine Hamburger Straße 2, Berlin

    Sustainable Wine List of the Year DACH, presented by Lingua Franca 2024

    Located in Central-Mitte, Frea isn't just another hip restaurant on Torstrasse in Berlin. It’s the world's first zero-waste restaurant that deliberately avoids plastic packaging. The aim is, as far as possible, not to produce any waste. In times when 100 million tons of food are thrown away worldwide every year and the oceans are full of plastic, this is a big challenge for a restaurant that has its own small ecosystem. “For us, zero waste means sustainability. Thinking about what you're doing and knowing the implications of what you're doing. Because it's not just about the packaging, but a...

  5. Phone: +49 30 590051234

    Address: Potsdamer Straße 3, Berlin

    A true oasis in the middle of Berlin! Up here on the 5th floor of the hotel "The Mandala" you can sit on the small terrace with chestnut trees and a fountain! It belongs to the chic, light and airy roof garden restaurant, in which, thanks to the all-round glazing, you almost feel like you're outdoors. Beautiful bamboo plants provide an Asian touch. But it’s the food that really raises the roof. Chef Michael Kempf takes his inspiration from his home country and as far afield as the Americas and Asia. The creative dishes are full of flavour and aromas, including the great desserts. All this is r...

  6. Phone: +49 30 680730448

    Address: Behrenstraße 55, Berlin

    Back in 2007, there were no recipes and no rules for a vegetarian fine dining restaurant in Berlin. So, at Cookies Cream, they created a cuisine of their own, which is about using modern techniques of processing, as well as old knowledge of ingredients. During growing time, they get most of their supplies freshly harvested from their farmer in Krielow/Brandenburg. Cookies Cream is ever changing and never the same. Cookies Cream was selected as the best vegetarian restaurant in Berlin by the Guide Michelin in 2018 and has been awarded one star every year since. Nowadays it offers a full vegan...

  7. Phone: +49 30 91496396

    Address: Friedelstraße 47, Berlin

    Special Jury Prize Germany, presented by Martha's 2021

    ​​Germany’s first and only desserts restaurant, located in Berlin’s trendy Neukölln neighbourhood, offers a modern culinary adventure unlike anything you’ve ever experienced: A dessert menu of seven courses with perfectly coordinated pairings. The team, led by pastry chef René Frank, relies on fresh, seasonal products of the highest quality. Artificial flavours, colours and additives are obvious taboos, and no refined sugar is used. Instead, the natural sweetness of vegetables and fruits play off a full spectrum of flavours: the saltiness of ingredients such as cheese and anchovies, the bitte...

  8. Phone: +49 30 41956687

    Address: Fichtestraße 24, Berlin

    ​In 2015, Head Chef Maximilian Strohe and his language-loving partner Ilona Scholl took over this venue, that used to house a classic French bistro, and spiced things up a few steps. When you walk through the door, you’re greeted by Ilona Scholl and her all-female service team, dressed to match the leafy pattern on the wall behind them. A nice touch, and so is your name charcoaled on the plain wood of your table and printed out on your menu. It’s a sparse but cosy space, rustic wood and old tiles oozing bygone Alpine holidays. In many ways, what has become Tulus Lotrek’s visual signature epi...

  9. Phone: +49 030 789 59 001

    Address: Vorbergstraße 10 a, Berlin

    "Reduced to the essentials" is the concept of Faelt. But if you think that you will be served small plates and serious product patronage, you are wrong! Chef and owner Björn Swanson plates seductive aromas with humour. Björn is well-known in the Berlin Gastro scene, receiving his first Michelin Star at Golvet in Tiergarten before opening this place in October 2020 – just before the second lockdown – and in time to receive a new Michelin Star in March 2021! The name, Faelt, emphasizes Swanson's Swedish family roots and means field. At the same time, it is a reference to the chef's sustainable p...

  10. Phone: +49 30 80938191

    Address: Eberswalder Straße 35, Berlin

    ​This is the story of a Korean opera singer who loves to cook and eat, and a Spanish chef. When they met, it was love at first sight. This rather wild-sounding mixture of Korean-Spanish fusion-cuisine is based on the most natural, understandable foundation: Love! The small restaurant Kochu Karu in Prenzlauer Berg has been growing and thriving since 2012 and has been awarded Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide the last five years. Bini and Jose warmly welcome curious guests from all over the world to their trans-cultural, delicious creations through sound knowledge, but without an attitude....

  11. Phone: +49 30 201805160

    Address: Kantstraße 79, Berlin

    An ex-women’s prison may not scream ‘romance’ but there’s something about Lovis that lends itself to candle-lit dinners for two. Hidden behind a discreet door on Charlottenburg's busy Kantstrasse, a 19th-century courtyard blooming with wildflowers and clambering shrubs leads to a gabled dining room with a canopy of twinkling lights. My friend Sophia Rudolph spent her formative years in Lyon, France’s “official” culinary capital, and went on to work with legend Alain Ducasse, so naturally, her cooking is rooted in classical French technique. However, her four-course, six-course, and a la carte...