Our 2 favourite wine bars in Munich

Munich is not riddled with wine bars - but here are a few selected by our ambassador Justin Leone.

  1. Phone: +49 89 551377140

    Address: Schützenstraße 11, München

    This is kind of one of the standards in Munich, an old go-to that has been around for a while. It’s open every day for lunch and dinner and serves elevated Bavarian food. The interior is all wood, which gives the feeling of an old German wine house.

  2. Phone: +49 89 242249504

    Address: Ledererstraße 8a seperater Eingang, München

    This is pretty much the only wine bar on a more world-class level in town, with a great wine list and fair prices. The bar is always packed and bustling, a great ambience. If you go there on Mondays, you’ll find a lot of people from the industry sharing bottles and stories. The food is a kind of very elevated bar food, with small plates and charcuteries. The place is run by two Austrian kids who are very interactive, fun and good looking. Just a great place to hang out!