3 great wine bars and wine restaurants i Linköping 2021

In the city of Linköping, there are not only a lot of students, but also some gems for winelovers. This is our guide to you all!

  1. Phone: +46 13 390 02 98

    Address: Hospitalstorget 1, Linköping

    Pappa Grappa, right in the centre of Linköping, is an Mediterranean wine restaurant with a casual profile. During the summer you can enjoy the food and wine on the terrace, and regardless of the season, it is easy to lose track of time and stay all night long.

  2. Phone: +46 13 31 21 00

    Address: Södra Stånggatan 1, Linköping

    Down by the river Stångån in Linköping, you'll find the restaurant Stångs Magasin, housed in an historical building. During the summer, the floating terrace opens to enjoy the long, endless summer evenings. The food is focused to be locally sourced and organically produced of top quality, and the restaurant is organically certified.

  3. Phone: +46 1310 31 90

    Address: Stora Torget 9, Linköping

    In the very middle of Linköping, you find the classic restaurant Storan. For over a century they have hosted all kinds of societies such as the local club, business people out representing and the couple in love. Everybody feels comfortable both in the environment and on the menu. During summer, a grand terrace on the square opens up.