6 top wine bars in Taiwan 2024

The wine scene in Taiwan is growing and flourishing, and here you can find both natural wine and some classics. We have put together a guide with wine bars every true wine lover needs to check out.

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  1. Phone: +886 2 2732 1189

    Address: 1樓, No. 33號, Lane 171, Tonghua Street, Da’an District

    The ambience of this cellar-inspired bistro makes for a cosy & comfortable place to enjoy dinner or your favourite glass of wine. The owner, Ajax Lin, used to work in the finance industry until he decided to open this friendly wine bar/bistro after he fell in love with wine. Here you can enjoy some tasty dishes paired with a bottle of wine from the shop or indulge in the extensive selection of cheese. If you’re lucky, you might meet a famous Taiwanese singer or TV idol here.

  2. Phone: +886 2 2700 0386

    Address: No. 4號, Lane 53, Section 2, Da'an Road, Da’an District

    ​Can Nature was founded by Kenny Lee, who spent years working in the restaurant industry as a sommelier. Here, the whole bar is a wine list; all the wine bottles are hanging on the wall for you to choose, with the price tags easy to see. Feel free to ask Kenny for advice – or dare to be adventurous and just pick a bottle, and then you can enjoy it at the bar or grab a table. Can Nature is a very relaxed and comfortable spot, which makes you feel like you’re drinking at home.

  3. Phone: +886 2 2776 0066

    Address: b1, 延吉街星巴克對街天井下樓, No. 383號, Section 4, Ren'ai Road, Da’an District

    A beautiful ground floor wine bar/shop in central Taipei City, Domaine Wine Cellars is a wine importer that provides an elegant, cosy place for their customers. Here you can not only drink wine but also enjoy fine art, especially from Kuo-Sung LIU, who is a master of Chinese brush painting. Make sure you have made reservations in advance as drinking hours are always full because of the excellent wine selection and chic atmosphere.

  4. Phone: +886 6 302 6690

    Address: No. 9, Dongqiao 10th Street, Yongkang District

    ​Sommwhere is a very Instagram-friendly environment. This vibrant, cosy and stylish boutique wine shop/pâtisserie is located in the most historical Taiwan city; Tainan. Sommwhere was founded by the smart and passionate sommelier Yang Yang, together with the talented pastry chef George Liu. Come and enjoy a relaxing cup of Pét-Nat and a tasty pastry; a perfect way to start your day of sightseeing in Tainan, or to end it. This is the go-to spot for a meet-up with friends or an afternoon date.

  5. Phone: +886 4 2320 5857

    Address: No. 422號, Daying Street, Nantun District

    ​Wine Not is a trendy and stylish natural wine bar located in downtown Taichung City. The witty and charismatic owner, Max Lin, is a big fan of natural wines. After spending years in the fine dining industry as a sommelier, he decided it was time to open Wine Not in 2019, and this was the first natural-wine-focused bar in central Taiwan. Feel free to bring your own food and order a glass/bottle of wine from Max. Then enjoy it just like you’re drinking at home. Max always has some good stories about unique natural wines for you to discover.

  6. Phone: +886287729155

    Address: No. 143號, Section 3, Civic Boulevard, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

    A new branch of RVLT Singapore, WINE RVLT (台VLT) is a seriously fun wine bar on Civic Boulevarde, serving outrageously yummy bar food in an unconventionally industrial setting and featuring a curated playlist that changes constantly, encouraging revelers to sing along with as many as 160-170 different labels. (Alvin Gho, co-founder of WINE RVLT, is also Singapore Ambassador for Star Wine List)