9 great wine bars in Paris

Paris is obviously the best place to visit but it is not always so easy to keep track of the great wine bars in the city of lights. We have enlisted the talented local sommelier Thomas Simian at Vantre to give us the keys to the city. Here is his guide to the top wine bars in Paris.

  1. Phone: 01 71 60 51 57

    Address: 3 Rue Victor Massé, Paris

    At the foot of the Butte Montmartre (Paris 9th arrondissement), Pierre Renauld (ex-Vantre) at only 26 years old decides to partner with Idealwine for the opening of a wine bar. 228 Litres is young, dynamic and relaxed. Feel free to get there at any time of the evening.

  2. Phone: 01 40 39 96 19

    Address: 6 Rue du Nil, Paris

    The Frenchie wine bar is a place of pleasure in the 2nd arrondissement. Superb dishes accompany the wine selections. The selection of wines by the glass is wide, complete and diverse. For the wine list, there is an accent on Burgundy and northern Rhone Valley.

  3. Phone: 01 42 60 07 12

    Address: 1 Rue de la Banque, Paris

    In the heart of the magnificent Vivienne Gallery, The caves Legrand is a classic in wine in Paris (2nd arrondissement). Its history begins at the end of the nineteenth century. Today, Gérard Sibourg-Baudry leads the ship. He runs two spaces; the first one is that of the cave, the wine shop, the second is wine bar oriented. The selection consists of around 450 references.

  4. Phone: 01 48 04 57 59

    Address: 6 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, Paris

    In the heart of the Marais (Paris 3d arrondissement), the Barav is a real place of pleasure. You can hang out either in the wine bar or the cellar. The wine selection is wide and precise.

  5. Phone: 01 42 77 98 37

    Address: 1 Rue Commines, Paris

    In the heart of the Marais, the Mary Celeste (Paris 3d arrondissement) is one of the main faces of the group Quixotic Projects. Renowned for the quality of its cocktails, the selection of wines led by Joshua Fontaine is equally remarkable. The wine list is concise but nothing is left to chance. Take a seat at the bar and let yourself be taken by the relaxed atmosphere.

  6. Phone: 09 54 90 20 20

    Address: 7 Rue Lobineau, Paris

    The CDVS (Paris 6th arrondissement) is a dynamic wine bar that has gotten offspring in both London and New York (check those out here on Star Wine List too). This intimate and cozy place will give you the feeling like you're in someone's home. The wine list offers a view of the French wine landscape but will also give you the opportunity to cross borders. Led by a young enthusiastic team, do not hesitate to go there at any time in the evening. 500 references of wine.

  7. Phone: 01 43 29 75 95

    Address: 4 Rue de Tournon, Paris

    This is probably one of the most beautiful Parisian "caves". The Univerre's (6th arrondissement) goal is to have a range that constantly evolves while retaining its classics. Here, it is possible to take way wines or to consume them on the spot in a cozy lounge. The offer is mainly based on burgundy and champagne. Feel free to let Olivier guide you to discover new talents.

  8. Phone: 01 43 67 14 87

    Address: 3 Rue Basfroi, Paris

    This is one of Septime's annexes. In this wine bar (Paris 11th arrondissement), you will find a small and intimate space, a few metres from the main restaurant. The selection evolves over the seasons but still remains of quality. Natural viticulture dominates the debates in a relaxed atmosphere.

  9. Phone: 01 40 34 12 95

    Address: 51 Rue de Belleville, Paris

    Here is one of my favourite "caves" in Paris, up in the heights of Belleville (19th arrondissement). Most of the wines are organic or biodynamic. Enjoy the nice bar with attractive prices, or leave with the bottles in hand. /Thomas Simian

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