Les 9 meilleurs bars à vin et restaurants à vin à Trondheim 2022

  1. Téléphone: +47 954 37 028

    Adresse: Ladeveien 9, Trondheim

    Quite some focus on natural and low-sulphur wines, yet with some good old classics stored away. It’s also worth mentioning the bistro/brasserie next door; Jossa. With dishes and flavours inspired by their travels it offers an approachable alternative to the full package at Credo, and of course; the wine list is available!

  2. Téléphone: +47 458 44 996

    Adresse: Ørjaveita 4, Trondheim

    Focuses on the classic wines of the world, from well-known producers and regions. If you’re not quite in for spending the evening; they also have an easy-going bistro where, of course, the wine list is available as well.

  3. Téléphone: +47 454 88 889

    Adresse: Brattørkaia 17b, Trondheim

    Classic focus with a good selection from the best producers and good vintage depth.

  4. Téléphone: +47 957 11 020

    Adresse: Nedre Bakklandet 6, Trondheim

    A small yet quality driven list with very good prices!

  5. Téléphone: +47 919 20 684

    Adresse: Øvre Bakklandet 66, Trondheim

    Rive Gauche est un bar à vin et restaurant à Trondheim, Norvège. Pour plus d'informations, allez consulter la version en anglais.

  6. Téléphone: +47 919 14 912

    Adresse: Dronningens gate 26, Trondheim

    A “work in progress” kind of style with a good selection of wines of true identity. Quite a bit of natural/low-sulphur wines but also the great old classics.

  7. Téléphone: +47 73 800 805

    Adresse: Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim

    Californian Wine List of the Year Norway, presented by California Wines 2021

    The full cellar list, with a classic focus and packed with Champagne, is always available, but this is really a place to opt for the wine pairings, especially the Wine Lovers option.

  8. Téléphone: +47 73 56 89 00

    Adresse: Carl Johans gate 5, Trondheim

    To Rom og Kjøkken est un restaurant à Trondheim, Norvège. Pour plus d'informations, allez consulter la version en anglais.

  9. Téléphone: +47 73 80 08 00

    Adresse: Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim

    One of the most extensive lists in the Nordic region, with a classical focus and packed with Champagne