Le guide d'Emma Ziemann à Göteborg

Emma Ziemann, Meilleure Sommelière de Suède 2018 et 2022, vous donne ses meilleurs adresses de vin à Göteborg.

  1. Téléphone: +46 31 18 18 58

    Adresse: Södra Vägen 45, Göteborg

    Project is one of the most interesting restaurants in Gothenburg at the moment. Great food and an intuitive feel for the matching wine.

  2. Téléphone: +46 31 309 99 69

    Adresse: Kyrkogatan 13, Gothenburg

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year Sweden, presented by Nyetimber 2024

    The Champagne bar: perfect for a drink after work, a glass of something warming or the last round of the evening. It’s a wonderful Champagne bar with a cosy inner courtyard. What’s not to like?

  3. Téléphone: +46 736 362600

    Adresse: Viktoriagatan 8, Göteborg

    Barsac: in my opinion, this is the best wine bar in Gothenburg, a relaxed home from home with friendly sommeliers behind the bar. The Reuben sandwich is wonderful when you have drunk your way through the wine list and are getting peckish. This is where I usually end up if I am out. They also hold tastings and blind tasting competitions if you want to have some fun.

  4. Téléphone: +46 31 80 25 21

    Adresse: Södra Hamngatan 2, Göteborg

    The Atelier at Hotel Pigalle: I have a weakness for Art Nouveau. I come here with friends who aren’t necessarily wine nerds. The list has something for everyone. Straight ahead quality and some real gems. The setting is fun, and you can alternate with cocktails. A place to relax and enjoy yourself.

  5. Adresse: Lilla Waterloogatan 15,Göteborg

    Original Wine List of the Year Sweden 2019

    Wine Mechanics: worth a detour. There is no limit to the level of ambition of this project. I really admire this. It puts a big smile on the face of the hipster in me. While other guests are distracted by the wine production at the back of the premises, I focus on the wine list. It’s fantastic! They also serve a good lunch and are open on Sundays.