The 13 best wine bars and restaurants in Lisbon 2024

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Lisbon, but one of the biggest attractions is undoubtedly the wealth of great places to eat and drink. Famed for its seafood, particularly the bacalhua (salted cod) - and pastel de nata (custard tarts) - Lisbon is also the perfect destination for wine lovers, being one of the few capital cities to have its very own wine-producing region, which is also the country's largest producer by volume.

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  1. Phone: +351 21 152 5380

    Address: Rua Cais das Naus Lote 2.21.01, Lisboa

    Overseeing Lisbon with one of the most stunning views, this Michelin Starred restaurant has it all: a dense, but well-curated wine list, with wines from all over the world, with bigger relevance on the Iberian peninsula, a top-notch sommelier that brings one of the finest services in Portugal, delicious food, and the atmosphere. It’s a must once in your lifetime at least.

  2. Phone: +351 21 249 1683

    Address: Galerias Ritz, Rua Castilho 77B, Lisboa

    In the deep centre of Lisbon, located right above the most renowned street in Portugal, Avenida da Liberdade, you find Kabuki. This place showcases an amazing experience. The three times I’ve been there, the food and the wine service were over the top, with a compact but very well-designed wine list, based mostly on wines that will enhance the Asian-influenced food. This is a place where I would lose myself when in Lisbon for sure.

  3. Phone: +351 21 342 0607

    Address: Rua Serpa Pinto 10A, Lisboa

    From the famous Michelin Star chef Jose Avillez, bringing some of the best Portuguese wines, and most of the wines come with proper age for consumption The venue is charming and cosy, and the food is as respected as the wine. Even if it is located in the middle of a crowded street, when you are inside, you don't feel it.

  4. Phone: +351 21 347 0650

    Address: Rua Anchieta 15, Lisboa

    Just across the street from Belcanto, you can find this Michelin two-star restaurant, owned by one of the brightest stars of Portuguese gastronomy. The team of sommeliers guarantee the quality of the wine service and the wine list is one of the most classic in the city, with impressive wine verticals of some of the most well-renowned wines in the world. A nice selection by the glass, and exclusive wine pairings.

  5. Phone: +351 21 396 0917

    Address: Rua de Santo Amaro 66A, Lisboa

    A very funky place where the wines follow the vegetarian concept of the restaurant and the food. It is owned by a couple that works in symbiosis to bring to your table what you want to have in a very diligent way. The wine list holds more than 400 natural wines that pair perfectly with an almost farm-to-table concept in terms of food.

  6. Phone: +351 21 342 4253

    Address: Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 150, Lisboa

    At the start of the Avenida da Liberdade, you can find Solar dos presuntos. This is a classic restaurant that has been serving three generations of wine consumers, and it is still alive and kicking with one of the most extensive wine lists you can find in a traditional restaurant. Even though you can be served international wine together with very Portuguese cuisine, the wine list also showcases some of the big names of wine in Portugal, alongside some tiny projects that will blow your mind when it comes to quality versus price. This place is a must when visiting Lisbon because it has always...

  7. Phone: +351 938 946 752

    Address: Praça das Flores 62, Lisboa

    Imagine a place that creates a strange feeling, in a very good way! Black Sheep is a tiny bar where you can grab a glass of wine and go drink it in a very romantic classic garden in the heart of Lisbon. The wine list is not huge, but a brilliant concept and a nice place for those who just want a great glass of wine.

  8. Phone: +351 21 357 1351

    Address: Rua Actor Taborda 43, Lisboa

    An extremely warm place, with great hearty food. They are very respectful with wines and wine service, with a focus on Bordeaux wines even though you can find a little bit of everything on the list. A huge selection of wines by the glass, paired with mostly classic French food, this place offers a feeling of France in Portugal.

  9. Phone: +351 924 457 494

    Address: Rua do Norte 85, Lisboa

    A very charming place, with a hybrid concept between tapas and classic Portuguese food. You get to walk through the wine cellar and pick the wine you want to drink, and you can also have some of the most desirable wines in Portugal by the glass.

  10. Phone: +351 21 354 0347

    Address: Rua da Sociedade Farmacêutica 20 A, Lisboa

    A very clean place, almost bistro-like, with a very strong focus on their own wines, and very simple but tasty food. If you want to have a glass of wine with friends, this is the place to go. You can also take your bottle with you to go.

  11. Phone: +351 21 054 3168

    Address: Rua Ivens 14, Lisboa

    The interior is Italian-like, and the feeling is a mix between a French boutique and a twist of Portuguese bourgeoisie. Most probably one of the most impressive ambiences in Lisbon, from a very shiny bar, with high illumination and a wine and cocktail list that invites you to drink. This dim-lighted restaurant showcases some of the greatest wines there are, some very rare ones, even by the glass, and the experience feels very global. I just went for a glass of bubbles, and let me tell you, they tasted much better seated there.

  12. Phone: +351 21 936 9900

    Address: Avenida da Liberdade 182 184, Lisboa

    A very fancy place with a big team of sommeliers. The service is very contemporary and the atmosphere is fresh. Prices aren’t cheap but the ambience well justifies it. They serve very well-made Asian-style dishes.

  13. Phone: +351 21 887 1616

    Address: Pátio de Dom Fradique 12, Lisboa

    Probably one of the biggest French-focused wine lists in Portugal, with some of the big names on it. The prices aren’t cheap, but the food is elevated. It's situated right in the middle of most of the iconic places in Lisbon, and you can also enjoy a small cosy terrace where you can sip on a glass of wine and have a signature dish.