The 6 best wine bars in Lisbon 2024

Situated in the country's largest wine producing region, it's no surprise that Lisbon is awash with some great wine bars. And with over 250 indigenous grape varieties you'll find plenty of unique wines to choose, from famous areas such as Vinho Verde and the Douro to more overlooked regions such as the Algarve, Beira Atlântico, and Lisbon itself. From small, traditional drinking dens to sleek trendy bars, wine here is no mere afterthought, but an integral part of the whole offer, and it's clear from the innovative lists that venues are as passionate about the wine as they are about their food.

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  1. Phone: +351 21 396 0917

    Address: Rua de Santo Amaro 66A, Lisboa

    A very funky place where the wines follow the vegetarian concept of the restaurant and the food. It is owned by a couple that works in symbiosis to bring to your table what you want to have in a very diligent way. The wine list holds more than 400 natural wines that pair perfectly with an almost farm-to-table concept in terms of food.

  2. Phone: +351 938 946 752

    Address: Praça das Flores 62, Lisboa

    Imagine a place that creates a strange feeling, in a very good way! Black Sheep is a tiny bar where you can grab a glass of wine and go drink it in a very romantic classic garden in the heart of Lisbon. The wine list is not huge, but a brilliant concept and a nice place for those who just want a great glass of wine.

  3. Phone: +351 21 357 1351

    Address: Rua Actor Taborda 43, Lisboa

    An extremely warm place, with great hearty food. They are very respectful with wines and wine service, with a focus on Bordeaux wines even though you can find a little bit of everything on the list. A huge selection of wines by the glass, paired with mostly classic French food, this place offers a feeling of France in Portugal.

  4. Phone: +351 924 457 494

    Address: Rua do Norte 85, Lisboa

    A very charming place, with a hybrid concept between tapas and classic Portuguese food. You get to walk through the wine cellar and pick the wine you want to drink, and you can also have some of the most desirable wines in Portugal by the glass.

  5. Phone: +351 21 354 0347

    Address: Rua da Sociedade Farmacêutica 20 A, Lisboa

    A very clean place, almost bistro-like, with a very strong focus on their own wines, and very simple but tasty food. If you want to have a glass of wine with friends, this is the place to go. You can also take your bottle with you to go.

  6. Phone: +351 21 054 3168

    Address: Rua Ivens 14, Lisboa

    The interior is Italian-like, and the feeling is a mix between a French boutique and a twist of Portuguese bourgeoisie. Most probably one of the most impressive ambiences in Lisbon, from a very shiny bar, with high illumination and a wine and cocktail list that invites you to drink. This dim-lighted restaurant showcases some of the greatest wines there are, some very rare ones, even by the glass, and the experience feels very global. I just went for a glass of bubbles, and let me tell you, they tasted much better seated there.