27 great wine restaurants in Dubai 2024

An energetic and eclectic wine scene, and food with influences from many places around the world. Dubai is a "melting pot" according to Star Wine List's ambassador in the city, sommelier Thomas Johns. Here he has selected his favourite wine spots in Dubai.

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  1. Phone: +971 800 323232

    Address: 27th floor,Burj Al Arab Jumeirah - شارع جميرا - دبي

    International Sparkling Wine List of the Year, presented by Nyetimber 2024

    Al Muntaha captivates diners with its unparalleled views from the iconic Burj Al Arab, creating an exquisite ambience for a truly memorable dining experience. The restaurant, known for its contemporary European cuisine, boasts an extensive wine list curated to complement the flavours and textures of the food. The cellar that has been built over the years since its opening in December 1999, from carefully selected vintages to rare finds, the wine selection at Al Muntaha elevates the journey of its own, promising a perfect pairing for every palate.

  2. Phone: +971 04 426 2600

    Address: Atlantis The Royal - Crescent Road - Dubai

    Best Short List of the Year UAE 2024

    A vibrant culinary destination known for its fusion of modern Cantonese cuisine and stylish ambience, creating a fun dining experience. The wines on the list are exciting and fun and there is something for every taste. With a chic setting and a menu curated for culinary enthusiasts, Ling Ling has a blend of flavours and textures that tantalize the taste buds. With such a divine layer of food offerings, the sommeliers are always happy to assist and guide you through the selection.

  3. Phone: +971 056 832 4545

    Address: Al Emreef Street - Dubai

    Newcomer List of the Year UAE, presented by DAOU 2024

    Row on 45, situated in Grosvenor House, delivers a tailored fine dining experience. Prioritizing different tiers of thoughtful wine pairing options, the restaurant features tasting menus that spotlight culinary artistry. This sophisticated establishment invites patrons to embark on a curated journey of flavours, seamlessly blending elegance and innovation.

  4. Phone: +971 04 402 2222

    Address: Al Emreef Street - Dubai

    Newcomer List of the Year UAE, presented by DAOU 2024

    City Social in Dubai offers a chic setting with a cosmopolitan vibe, providing a top-notch dining experience complemented by breathtaking city skyline views. Dive into their modern and comforting cuisine, where flavours harmonize in a symphony. It could be a family brunch or their happy hour offerings, the diverse wine list strikes a balance between classic regional favourites and exciting new selections, all available by the glass. Enjoy the best of both worlds – old and new!

  5. Phone: +971 04 275 2500

    Address: Jumeirah Al Naseem

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year UAE, presented by Brancott Estate 2024

    Mayabay in Dubai takes you on a tantalizing journey through Thai-Japanese cuisine, accentuated by a diverse selection of sake & wines. Elevate your dining experience with the restaurant’s emphasis on back vintages and old-world offerings. The unique blend of flavours, aromatic dishes, and an extensive wine selection promises a delightful culinary adventure. Don’t miss the chance to engage in a fun chat with the sommeliers, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your dining experience!

  6. Phone: +971 04 426 0760

    Address: at Atlantis - 22nd floor - Dubai

    International Medium-Sized List of the Year, presented by Dreissigacker 2024

    Nobu Dubai, a pinnacle of Japanese-Peruvian fusion, offers a culinary journey in a modern setting. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature dishes take centre stage in this sophisticated ambience. Explore a curated selection of sake and fine wines by the glass, perfectly complementing the exquisite food. With something for every palate, Nobu Dubai promises a dining experience that blends sophistication with diverse and delightful tastes.

  7. Phone: +971 54 793 0931

    Address: Marasi Drive - Dubai

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year UAE, presented by Brancott Estate 2024

    Tabu at The St. Regis Dubai is a delightful fusion of modern Japanese cuisine and an elevated rooftop lounge. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure amidst an upscale setting, with a spotlight on natural, organic, biodynamic, and vegan wines. Sake enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike will find joy in the carefully curated list, showcasing gems from Lebanon, Turkey, and methode ancestrale. For the ultimate experience, engage in a friendly chat with the wine crew, who will expertly guide you based on your preferences. Cheers to a unique and unforgettable dining journey!

  8. Phone: +971 055 413 6648

    Address: Al Amal Street - Dubai

    International Best Short List of the Year 2024

    Soirée is a wine-centric bar that invites you into a chic Manhattan-style parlour setting. Catering to wine enthusiasts, it proudly features a collection of natural, organic, and biodynamic wines for a distinctive experience. The pairing of excellent nibbles and bar food perfectly complements the extensive wine selection, creating an ideal spot for those in search of a sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere.

  9. Phone: +971 04 439 7171

    Address: The Opus by Omniyat Level 1 - 333638

    Best Short List of the Year UAE 2024

    Roka Dubai is a culinary gem that artfully brings modern Japanese robatayaki cuisine to the heart of the city. With its sleek design and inviting ambience, the restaurant provides an immersive dining experience. Specializing in the art of robata grilling, Roka's wine offering is always exciting especially the evolving Coravin selections offered by the glass. They also have an extensive sake selection, so you can be sure to expect a journey through the rich tapestry of Japanese culinary excellence. The outside seating is just the perfect time to enjoy the winter in Dubai.

  10. Phone: +971 4 777 5433

    Address: Jumeira Bay Island, Jumeira 2, Dubai

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year UAE, presented by Brancott Estate 2024

    Il Ristorante presents an Italian culinary journey where authenticity meets modern flair. Nestled in a setting of elegance, gorgeous ambience for a delightful wine & dine experience. The menu reflects the essence of traditional Italian cuisine, with each dish meticulously prepared to show off the richness of flavours complimented with a wine list of Italian dominance, and with a good selection of wine both by the glass and bottle.

  11. Phone: +971 04 888 3828

    Address: Burj Khalifa - 122nd Floor

    By the Glass List of the Year UAE 2024

    Perched atop the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest structure, Atmosphere seamlessly blends modern French art deco with breathtaking panoramic views, creating a sensory masterpiece. As the sun gracefully sets over Dubai, the restaurant transforms into a haven of elegance and sophistication. The fusion of international flavours takes centre stage in a culinary performance, complemented by a fine list which has been built over the years. I wonder if the wine tastes different on level 122 where it is located, and Atmosphere promises not just a meal but an artistic and sensory journey, making it...

  12. Phone: +971 800 323232

    Address: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah - Jumeirah Street - Dubai

    Sparkling Wine List of the Year UAE, presented by Nyetimber 2024

    Discover the epitome of luxury at Al Mahara in Dubai, celebrated for its dining experience within the iconic Burj Al Arab. Immerse yourself in a captivating setting surrounded by a mesmerizing aquarium, where Chef Andrea Migliaccio crafts exquisite delicacies. The restaurant has an ambience that is both immersive and a wine list that has matured gracefully over the years. Uncover Italian gems and embark on a culinary journey in a unique and breathtaking environment.

  13. Phone: +971 04 275 2522

    Address: ICD Brookfield Place - Dubai

    Best Short List of the Year UAE 2024

    Josette in Dubai effortlessly combines old-school Parisian charm with culinary excellence, creating a cool and delightful atmosphere. The nightly atmosphere adds a lively touch, making the dining experience truly immersive. Dive into the world of French brasserie classics, showcasing the best of traditional French gastronomy. The well-curated wine program places a strong emphasis on classic French producers, with a subtle nod to Italy. Don’t miss the highlight – Josette’s private label Champagne from Aÿ – an absolute no-brainer for a touch of luxury.

  14. Phone: +971 04 426 2444

    Address: Atlantis The Royal - Crescent Road - Dubai

    International California Wine List of the Year, presented by Louis M. Martini 2024

    Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is a culinary masterpiece. The restaurant, celebrated for its historical gastronomy concept, offers a journey through time with a modern twist, and yet with a very elegant service. Located in a chic setting, it creates an atmosphere of refined elegance. As for the menu, it features meticulously crafted dishes, each a testament to Heston Blumenthal’s culinary expertise. The wine cellar is larger than life and ensures a wonderful experience with amazing wines by the glass and bottle selections.

  15. Phone: +971 04 417 9885

    Address: Emirates Golf Club - Dubai

    Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Carine offers a charming escape into the world of contemporary French-Mediterranean cuisine exuding a welcoming atmosphere, blending elegance with a touch of warmth. Known for its enjoyable terrace, it provides a delightful setting to enjoy delectable dishes influenced by the coastal regions of Southern Europe. The menu boasts a fusion of flavours, promising a culinary journey and so does the vast wine list, covering every essence of both the old and new world. The by-the-glass offering is remarkably diverse from classics to cult thanks to Coravin.

  16. Phone: +971 04 524 5301

    Address: Dubai

    Newcomer List of the Year UAE, presented by DAOU 2024

    Fouquet’s Dubai radiates Parisian charm in the city centre, offering a splendid fusion of French culinary finesse and sophistication. The elegant décor and refined ambience add a touch of classic French glamour, complemented by French classics by the glass selection. While producers from France dominate the bottle selection, there’s a sprinkle of love for the rest of the wine world. The menu features a delightful array of expertly crafted delicacies, capturing the essence of tradition that takes you on a journey.

  17. Phone: +971 058 895 1272

    Address: near The View), Nakheel Mall, R002, East Wing Rooftop, near The View), Nakheel Mall - دبي

    Best Short List of the Year UAE 2024

    If ever you wish to experience an exotic theatrical culinary journey, then this is a must for all food and wine lovers. Tresind Studio in Dubai is an avant-garde that pushes culinary boundaries. Known for its innovative approach to Indian gastronomy, the restaurant offers a carefully curated tasting menu and a unique, immersive setting. Guests can expect a journey through flavours, textures and, more importantly, passionate storytelling on the map showcasing lesser-known parts of India with each dish, presenting a work of art. The best is to opt for the pairing menu let the weight off your s...

  18. Phone: 04 275 2577

    Address: Bluewaters Island, Dubai, UAE

    Southern Italian bliss with a view cements Alici as one of my favourite places to visit and relax. It is so easy to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and escape to the Italian coast in this quaint spot. Well worth the drive to enjoy not only wine but a wide range of Italian specialities. The wine list draws inspiration from the beautiful Italian coast, and half the list is dedicated to European whites. Mastroberardino from Campania has done a special bottling that is well worth the try.

  19. Phone: +971 4 571 3999

    Address: DIFC Pavilion

    Best Long List of the Year UAE 2024

    Transport yourself deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest with the tropical and Latin American-infused menu. Vibrant and natural, the focus here is on South American wines served up with afro house beats. Set over three floors, there is something for everyone, from the ground up.

  20. Phone: 04 323 1833

    Address: Gate Village 6, DIFC Near - towards DIFC Parking - Dubai

    International Sustainable Wine List of the Year, presented by Oddbird 2024

    With the exciting new addition of Shiv as Head Sommelier, BOCA has to have one of the most exciting wine programs I have seen in the city. BOCA is shaking the game up with plenty of sparkling wines to keep you bubbly all night long, as long as a more quirky selection and interesting additions by the glass. The ethos here is really about sustainability, and showcasing that through their wine list is something that is ever-evolving in the venue. This is a great place for wine lovers to discover new and exciting varietals and producers at a very quaffable price point.

  21. Phone: +971 4 873 3377

    Address: Rooftop, Grand Millennium Hotel Business Bay- Dubai

    Located at the top of the very unassuming Grand Millenium Hotel in Business Bay, Bella has one of the most interesting wine lists for the wine geek in us all! The newly refurbished wine cellar takes centre stage in the restaurant and has a diverse range of wines. My particular favourite is the Austrian whites that pair so well with the dishes served up.

  22. Phone: 04 316 9600

    Address: Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort - Jumeirah Beach Road

    Peruvian by name and Peruvian by nature, COYA (with its newly renovated cellar) has one of the best wine programs in the city. There is a little slice from every corner of the globe and always something new to discover, with a solid representation of South America. Chile and Argentina have always been strong focal points in COYA, and by the glass or bottle, there is always a grand selection of both. It is pretty easy to lose yourself in the afro house beats.

  23. Phone: 04 569 3820

    Address: Gate Village 11 Level 9 DIFC

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year UAE, presented by Brancott Estate 2024

    Funky, eccentric and energetic are just three words to sum up the vibe in the ever-brilliant Clap. From silky and smooth to big and bold, the wine list has a diverse selection from both the old and new world, plus some special sakes to stimulate one's taste buds. No night here is complete if you don't finish up in their 'hidden music room' enjoying a bottle of the good stuff!

  24. Phone: 04 275 2555

    Address: Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai, UAE

    A little slice of Tuscany in the heart of Dubai, Il Borro serves up rustic Italian fair the way it should be. This would, of course, not be complete without a strong selection of Italian wines that also fit the bill. From Aglianico to Zibibbo, there is plenty of choices, and if wine is not your poison, try La Birritullera, made from barley and coming from the Il Borro Estate!

  25. Phone: +971 4 439 0505

    Address: Gate Village No, 8

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year UAE, presented by Brancott Estate 2024

    La Petite Maison, known by many as simply LPM, there is no denying this has to be one of the city's staple restaurants. For all things French, it is hard to deny that it truly takes the cake. The team of sommeliers here is attentive, knowledgeable, and always happy to share, and LPM has to be one of the best places to enjoy Champagne and sparkling wine of all levels! By the glass, you ask? Ranging from sparkling from Provence to Krug and an extensive range of Rosé de Provence, perfect for afternoon drinking on a hot summer's day (which is all year round here), has never been an easier choice...

  26. Phone: 04 426 2626

    Address: Crescent Road - Dubai

    International Austrian Wine List of the Year, presented by Austrian wine 2024

    Underwater escape with food and wine to match! Ossiano has a little bit of everything for that special occasion to make the night one to remember. The wine pairing is one of the best the city has to offer. Danijela, Michelin’s best sommelier in Dubai 2022, is always happy to find that perfect bottle for you. Definitely a must for that special occasion dinner. Quite a small restaurant but super high-end, and it serves a set menu.

  27. Phone: +971 4 425 5660

    Address: Gate Village 06, Podium Level - Al Mustaqbal Street - Dubai

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year UAE, presented by Brancott Estate 2024

    With a dedicated Sake sommelier on hand, Zuma is a must-stop spot in Dubai. One of the most established restaurants in the Middle East, Zuma is the best spot for some great Japanese food and a carafe or two of sake. By the glass, you have a great selection of wine with some great boutique producers, which offers the drinker a great deal of choice. Being Japanese, a dedicated Sake sommelier is also on hand to help you choose the perfect drop for your meal. The team are always happy to help cater to your needs.