Search over 1,500 wine lists with Star Wine List Premium

Looking for Selosse, Gaja or Foillard? Star Wine List has launched a new Premium Membership for wine lovers. Search for your favourite wines in more than 1,500 wine lists around the world!

Star Wine List is live in more than 30 countries and with Star Wine List Premium, you get the unique opportunity to search more than 1500 top wine lists for your favorite wines.


"Star Wine List is a fantastic tool to know all about restaurants through the prism of wine. It is a kind of Michelin of wine. It allows me to know in which restaurants our wines are listed, but also to get plenty of information about restaurants all over the world. I also use it know the latest news and trendy places in the city I like," says Véronique Sanders, president of Chateau Haut-Bailly in Bordeaux.

The membership costs 8.9 Euro or 9.9 USD per month, with rebates for yearly subscriptions, sommeliers, organisations and teams.

“The rest of Star Wine List’s award-winning content is still open and free for all users, including our articles, guides, info about the recommended venues and their wine lists,” says Krister Bengtsson.

Search for your favourite wine, and filter by location.

Benefits with the Premium Membership

For wine lovers:

Search for wines and see where they are listed. Whether you are a fan of Ganevat or Harlan, there are wine lists that will make you happy. Find them through Star Wine List first.

For sommeliers:

Search for your favourite wines, benchmark your offering, get inspiration from other sommeliers.

For wine producers and importers:

Search for your wines and see where they are listed Search for other wines in your category and see places that would be interesting for you.

Future: even more benefits

The wine search is a unique feature. But we have even more benefits on our roadmap for Star Wine List’s Premium Members.


Published 26-June-2022


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You can search for tens of thousands of wines and see where they are listed in restaurants and wine bars.
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