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Have you read or heard about an interesting wine but it’s nowhere to be found in wine shops? We’ve been there too. In fact that is one of the reasons we started Star Wine List.

Not only does Star Wine List guide fellow wine lovers to wine bars and wine restaurants we think are great to visit. You can also see wine lists for those venues and search for wines and see where they are listed.
Try for example to search for the cool California producer Kutch wines in the search box above.

In the wine search page you can also choose the location where you want to search, such as Stockholm, London, Toronto or Global. If you get no hits, try changing your location.

In the coming months Star Wine List will go live in several more international cities and you will be able to find your favourite wines in even more places. Happy hunting!

Published 01-Apr-2019


Did you know?
You can search for tens of thousands of wines and see where they are listed in restaurants and wine bars.
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