Vino Vero

Wine Bar

Venice, Italy

About Vino Vero

By the Misericordia canal in the Cannaregio district of Venice, you’ll find this wine bar and wine shop that, according to themselves, was the first natural wine bar in Venice when it opened in 2014. You can tell by the crowds (not only tourists) lining up for cichetti and wine that there is something there, and yes, we got hooked too.

On offer is tasty cichetti and a rich range of mostly Italian wines, but also quite a few grower Champagnes. You get to taste the wines before ordering glasses or bottles, and the staff know their stuff. There is also a private tasting room and a wine club, and exhibitions by artists. Grab a seat by the canal or by the bar, or park your boat, or gondola, and enjoy the views.

Fun fact: It also has a sister bar in Lisbon. We can’t wait to go there.

Great for

  • Natural wines
  • Wine shop
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