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Just across the street from Apotekergata No. 5, in the heart of Ålesund, you’ll find a gem of a wine bar. Vino Bar is run by local sommelier Øyvind Tveit and chef and sommelier Jeanette Bohinen. It’s an intimate and cosy atmosphere with a lot of wine paraphernalia and Øyvind’s broad collection of legendary (empty) bottles that line the top shelf by the ceiling. Indeed a lot of amazing wine memories in that lineup.

At the back, there is a large room showing off a small part of the wine bar’s wines and where Øyvind and Jeanette regularly conduct wine tastings.

And then the wine list! With more than 900 references, it’ll take you a good half hour to plough through it all; make sure to scan it briefly first and order a bottle to enjoy while you dive into the large selection of Champagnes and other classical French wines. The choice of Italian wines is also immense, a large part of it is imported by the owners and might not be known to everyone, but a good part of the Italians are famous enough, both still wines and sparkling.

The US list is also fun, and more or less all conventional wine countries are represented. There are also wines from Georgia, Greece, Lebanon, Slovenia, Uruguay and England from good producers available.

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