Casual Dining Restaurant

Vågå, Norway

About Vianvang

It can be quite challenging to find good wines and proper cuisine outside of the larger cities of Norway. Vianvang, however, is a testament to what a strong will and a wild countryside full of high-quality produce can accomplish.

In the 1990's well-known Norwegian chef Arne Brimi decided to establish a gourmet destination in the mountains of his home region Jotunheimen. Not only did he succeed, but today Vianvang is stronger than ever, serving up delicious food, offering cooking courses and education, and boasting what is probably among the best cheese servings in Norway.

Jessica Senning
By Jessica Senning

About the Vianvang Wine List

Vianvang offers wine pairings with its menus and also has a lovely wine list with mostly classic producers and an abundance of older vintages. The restaurant has been buying and putting aside fine wines since the 1990's. Most of these wines are kept in the restaurant's cellar, but they pop up on the wine list once in a while when deemed ready to drink.

Wine Tasting at Vianvang

Vianvang offers wine tastings by appointment, and rumor has it their head sommelier Even Brimi hosts a wine club for locals only.

Great for

  • Beautiful view
  • Countryside
  • Worth the trip
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