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San Francisco, USA

About Terroir

This edgy wine bar in SoMa has an industrial cathedral-like feel, with candles flickering out from behind beams and wine crates and an enviable “boneyard” of conquered bottles reaching up to the ceiling and some crackly vinyl on the player. The space has a few different seating options, including a small cozy lounge on a mezzanine overlooking the larger space for those wishing to make themselves scarce. Most visitors to Terroir tend to hover around the small central bar, hoping to catch a drop out of the next guy’s bottle to go with their charcuterie.

About the Terroir Wine List

Natural wines prevail here; printed lists, however, do not — you will need to take a look around the room and inquire or refer to the offerings scrawled daily on the chalkboard above the bar. All that is good and chewy has passed through this hallowed hall: Clos Saron, Bruno Debize, Hervé Villemade, Texier, Overnoy, Domaine Trévallon, Gaudry, to name a few. The bar also often hosts live music and a variety of focused tastings worth checking out.

Wine Tasting at Terroir

Yes, regular tasting events advertised mostly on Instagram.

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    Luc Ertoran
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    Dagan Ministero

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