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Seoul, South Korea

About Slok

Slok is a natural wine bar located on a hidden, small alley in Itaewon, Seoul. The space is very simple; tables and chairs remind me of childhood classrooms. Given its location, Slok is the perfect stop between dinner and late-night adventures. The wines are well displayed on a big shelf, making it fun to pick a wine by how it looks, not only by a name in the list. In the summer, Slok also has a rooftop​ section.

About the Slok Wine List

​Like all natural wine bars in Seoul, the wine list depends on current availability in Seoul, and allocations. It is easy to see what’s available by browsing through the large shelf, and simply picking what you would like to drink. Wines are only available by the bottle. Some wines spotted on the shelf: Fidéle - Voiette & Sorbée Champagne and Ripazzo - Le Coste.

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