Restaurant Hubert

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Sydney, Australia

About Restaurant Hubert

Down a winding stairwell, this Belle Epoque inspired restaurant transports the diner from Bligh street in the city’s centre to post-war Paris. Dining here feels like theatre. The scene is set with red velvet drapes and dark wood panelling, and a baby grand piano takes centre stage. Lit by the soft glow of candles dripping wax down old Burgundy bottles, and manned by a brigade of bow-tied​ waiters, the ambience here feels bizarrely authentic.

Not a surprise really, considering that it’s a Swillhouse offering; the team behind other themed venues in Sydney like Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter’s Bar and Frankie’s Pizza. Their first fully serviced venue, and a step up in style and offering, Restaurant Hubert tempts with the decadent; think caviar & cultured cream and plays on the classics; think escargot in XO.

Restaurant Hubert Wine List

The list at Hubert’s is fun to browse through, and whilst not offering any bargains, it does offer some serious wine. French is the focus, with a decent selection of Australian takes on the classics. Given the venue’s glitz and glamour, they’d be remiss not to offer a serious selection of red & white Burgundy, and most of the larger French regions get a decent showing.

There are some token Italian & Spanish wines on offer, and some decent German Rieslings too, but the theme here is French luxury., and those sticking to the script will get more out of the experience.

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