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Tampere, Finland

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About Restaurant C

Since the opening in 2008, Restaurant C has been part of taking fine dining closer to the people in Tampere. The cuisine has a base in local ingredients and wild herbs sourced in the local region.

Restaurant C was started by chef Iikka Isotalo and one of the most influential female sommeliers in Finland, Christina Suominen. Suominen has brought wine knowledge to consumers and helped many talented sommeliers nationally.

About the Restaurant C Wine List

The wine list is only based on European wines. They have a really good selection of wines by the glass, but also one of the best wine pairings in Tampere. A speciality (and only one in Finland) is that some of their wines on the list don't have a price tag - so you can make an offer for the price!

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Wine team

  • Christina Suominen
  • Juulia Eloranta

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