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About Panama

The favourite book of the owner's daughter is “The trip to Panama” by Janosch, a children's book reciting the trip of a small tiger and a small bear. Along the way, not only do they discover many different places and get to know themselves better, but they realise that there is nothing better than home. Panama is the interpretation of this book in culinary arts and drinks – you will have your desire of exoticism​ realized while still feeling at home!

About the Panama Wine List

The wine list's focal point is the terroir of Germany and Europe. Like with the food, the wines are reflective of the environment in which they have been made while respecting their identity. On the list, you'll find your favourite grape or winemaker, but also the odd and obscure, like a Viognier from Zimmerle or Auxerrois from Odinstal. All the wines are food-friendly​ and fit well to the sharing concept. To ask for recommendations from the team a definite must!

Wine Tasting at Panama

They don't organize tastings themselves, but they are hosting many tastings from different wineries and agencies.

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