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Just off of Laugavegur, the main shopping street, Nebraska is a bit of a novelty to Reykjavík in terms of venue type. Technically, we are dealing with a clothing store that just happens to have its own restaurant/wine bar. Upon entering, rows of neatly folded trousers and sweaters are all round on display, flanked by hanging racks filled with jackets and coats. The back of the space however gives way to a bustling restaurant with a little kitchen visible through a French window-style glass wall. At a quick glance, one could get the feeling that this is where the cool kids come to hang out. Upon close inspection, the suspicion is confirmed. However, it is accompanied with that sense of warm welcome you get in a big family home at dinner time, just with more tables, and strangers. One’s own coolness deficiency is quickly forgotten when greeted by people who earnestly just want to pour something satisfying in your glass and see you properly fed. Even if it’s just something small with your wine. The wine list keeps its focus on Europe, leaning heavily towards France and Italy, and has a healthy dose of natural wines. A well-put-together list with options catering to every sort of palate. Wines by the glass aren’t fixed but rather rotate through the list giving frequent visitors a chance to experience new options.

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    Natalia Grociak

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