Le Café de Certoux


Geneva, Switzerland

About Le Café de Certoux

This place is in the outskirts of Geneva, almost in the countryside not far from the vineyards and close to the French border. It’s a very old restaurant, renowned for its star clientele and classic gastronomy. The restaurant is run by an old couple who have been buying wine and building the cellar for a long time. In the summertime, you can sit on the big terrace outside, and this is a place where many people go for the weekend.

About the Le Café de Certoux Wine List

The wine list focuses on French wines, also with quite a lot from Switzerland. It’s a big list, with something for everyone. There’s also a great vintage depth and fair pricing, so you can easily find some real treasures on it.

Great for

  • Big wine list
  • Classic establishment
  • Countryside
  • French wines
  • Local Wines
  • Outdoor seating
  • Vintage venue
  • Worth the trip

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