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Berlin, Germany

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About Katz Orange

​When you go to Katz Orange, you will find a place that feels like home. Each room reminds you of someone's living room, combining an eye for details with a sense for the essential. Katz Orange's concept is merging sustainability and gastronomy. Indeed, the restaurant follows a holistic approach: “With all our actions, we focus on humanity and mindfulness, we respect nature’s rhythms and use its resources carefully. We know where our produce is being sourced and get inspired by what surrounds us. And we are always aware that it needs good people to do extraordinary things” says the owner of the place, Ludwig Cramer-Klett.

The family-style menu changes with the seasons, with produce sourced from suppliers and partners that share their philosophy. This place is extremely popular in Berlin, so please book in advance!

About the Katz Orange Wine List

Because the kitchen’s style draws influence from a wide range of cuisines and cooking techniques, the wine list also draws from all over the world to find the tools necessary to make great pairings. You can find 150 different wines on the bottle list, with a great depth of vintages (ask the sommelier for more details as the vintages are not all listed – what a tease!) and a beautiful glass selection, featuring small producers from both organic and bio-dynamic backgrounds.

The wine list is arranged by varietal rather than region, as their clientele is a mix of German and international guests. In each section, you’ll find bottles from different countries, price points and flavour profiles. What I really like is that the featured wines are all ready to drink, right now – not in 2 years or after 3 hours of decanting. Bigger wines are given the respect and patience they deserve while offering​ guests the opportunity to sample bottles through different stages of a wine’s evolution.

Great for

  • Bottles with age
  • Casual
  • Family friendly

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